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Thread: Drafting Steelers players

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    Drafting Steelers players

    The Steelers don't just draft players, they draft Steelers.
    Maurkice Pouncey was born to be a Steeler. Tough, smart, big but quick enough to pull. The Steelers have a major need at interior o-line, Pouncey should start immediately.
    Jason Worilds seems like a redundant pick, an outside LB on a team that already has James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley. But OLB is the critical position in the Steelers' scheme and they need all the depth they can get.
    Emmanuel Sanders is a Santonio Holmes clone. A small, fast, big play receiver.
    6th round pick RB Jonathan Dwyer is a big straight line runner. He slipped in the draft because he didn't run well after losing weight for the combine. My guess is he will eventually be asked to put that weight back on.

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    Andy, You are very accurate on the Jason Worilds pick, and to add to your notes, not only will Worilds and Thaddeus Gibson provide depth behind Woodley and Harrison but as a Steeler fan I'm expecting that they will show some speed and toughness to improve the steeler kick and punt coverage units.

    Do you see Emmanuel Sanders being a possible return specialist? Or just adding depth to the WR position? Also, in regards to Dwyer, do you see him having a specific role as a goal line and short yardage back starting out? or simply Mendenhall's backup?
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    I know, a few years ago, I was in Pittsburgh on vacation at the same time the draft was going and my buddy were in a restaurant and they had the draft on, and being from Illinois I was waiting for Mendenhall to get picked...of course, the Steelers (my 2nd favorite team after Da Bears) grabbed him, and I kept explaining to the Steeler fans, knowing their franchise, that it was a good pick for them and that they would like him because he's a blue-collar player. There's just certain organizations that have a face and style that no matter what doesn't change, and the Steelers are one of those groups. Places like Pittsburgh and Chicago think tough athletic defense first, but also quickness on the offensive side of the ball mixed in with the big power back.
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    Sanders didn't do a lot of returning in college. Only 2 punt and 1 kickoff return last year. They'll use him strictly as a receiver. They see Wallace and Sanders as their starters whenever Hines Ward finally decides to retire.

    No one really knows what to expect from Dwyer. He's a big, powerful dude that was playing somewhat out of position in Georgia Tech's spread option. He runs well inside and can break tackles. I would guess they will at least give him a shot as the goal line back, considering the problems they've had filling that role in the past few years. As I said, I would like to see him put the 15-20 pounds he lost back on. He has good speed, but no where near Mendenhall. He could be very effective as a big change of pace back after defenses have been chasing Mendenhall all day.

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    I have not seen Dwyer play but given the unsettled QB situation in Pittsburgh, he will be expected to make a contribution sooner rather than later. Given his specialty of inside running, he could get goal line touches and short-yardage carries. I would go as far to say that if you are drafting for a fantasy team, consider taking a late round flier on Dwyer (no rhyme intended lol). He may develop into a decent bye week replacement for fantasy league play.

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