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Thread: "Coming Back Stronger" and "Home Team"

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    "Coming Back Stronger" and "Home Team"

    Did anyone read these two books? I was interested to hear some of yall's opinions.

    Sean Payton's 'Home Team' was a little more fun to read and more of what I was expecting: early coaching career, coming to NO, and funny stories along the way.

    Brees' "Coming Back Stronger" was more of an inspirational book. He talks about the adversity he faced with his injury and that New Orleans faced following Katrina. It was a much more emotional read, but I really enjoyed it by the time I was done.

    Both were great reads to kill time in the offseason and get pumped about our Saints! WHO DAT!

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    I gotta finish those two before the season starts. Hopefully more saints fans get involved in this site. If not we gotta hold the fort down!
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