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Thread: Pharmacy in Ellison probe surrenders

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    Pharmacy in Ellison probe surrenders

    SAN DIEGO -- A pharmacy that provided controlled substances to the San Diego Chargers has surrendered its federal registration and can no longer distribute prescriptions to the team, the Drug Enforcement Administration said Friday.

    RSF Pharmaceuticals and RSF Pharmaceuticals Inc., voluntarily surrendered their registration numbers on June 30, the day after the DEA served 10 administrative inspection warrants within San Diego County, including at the offices of the Chargers and San Diego Padres, DEA spokeswoman Amy Roderick said.

    Roderick said RSF Pharmaceuticals also served the Padres.

    The DEA investigation comes several weeks after the Chargers released safety Kevin Ellison, who was arrested in May in Redondo Beach on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. Police said a search of Ellison's vehicle turned up 100 pills of Vicodin.

    The Chargers have said that Ellison did not receive the Vicodin from anyone associated with the team.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and say that's not good for Mr. Ellison's career haha
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    I would be surprised if he stays with Seahawks through camp; too many legal woes. He pleaded not guilty on Friday, surprise, surprise. The Chargers dropped him soon after his arrest, but it sounds like the can of vicoden worms was already opened.
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