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Watching from afar, Norv Turner just does not appear to be confident in his own abilities as a head coach and I think that lack of the 'it' factor hurts that team. They play in a division that frequently, in recent years, has served up at least four scrimmages a season. Each one of those games against the Chiefs & Raiders is as close to an extra bye week as an NFL team can get.

They get into the playoffs and meet some stiff competition and fold up like cheap tent. That is on the coach.

But, be careful what you wish for, Chargers fans. Running out a winning coach, no, TWO winning coaches might lead to some really bad karma.
You really are watching from afar. Your analysis seems to go only as far as last season. Norv got them to the AFC championship game in New England after winning 2 games. Only to lose to an undefeated team. They didnt have LT and had to settle for FG's which cost them. They also limped in at 8-8 and beat the favored Colts (again) only to lose on the road in Pitt. Last year was an aboration for a Norv led team in the playoffs. Watch the game again and see how they moved the ball at will on the Jets only to have Nate miss FG's which hurt the confidence of the team and really boosted the Jets.