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Thread: Bob Sanders career over?

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    Sanders is playing in Thursday night's preseason game. This rumor was the result of a report by's Mike Lombardi:

    There is some concern Colts safety Bob Sanders might never be able to play football again, with his shoulder and bicep issues. He reduced his contract, but his rehab has been slow.

    Sanders, when asked about it, referred to the report as "tabloid journalism." As Mark Twain once said, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated."


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    I HOPE Bob's career is not over. Awesome player and professional but injured so much!! Kinda reminds me of Deuce McAllister with the New Olreans Saints. Bro Man kept getting injured and the Saints kept him for awhile. Unfortunately, the time came when he was let him go a couple or so seasons after getting Reggie Bush.

    I wish Bob the Best in either situation. He's One of the Good Ones on the field.
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    Man if he can stay somewhat healthy even it makes a HUGE impact for Indy.
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    Bob sanders so good! My favorite defender to watch a long side Polamlu. Remember the name Louis Delmas . Second year player about to make a name for himself if he can stay health. Health is a major issue I believe for the modern safety. They sure are fun to watch when they are though!!

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    I think he gets hurt a lot because he just plays so. damn. hard. He's not a very big guy, and not every athlete's body can tolerate the force of impact that he delivers on players when he tackles them. He's got a motor that just won't quit, and it's a terrible shame his body can't withstand the punishment.

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