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Thread: **Football Pros Hotness Draft Picks**

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    **Football Pros Hotness Draft Picks**

    Thread for Official Picks Only.. All Discussion of Picks should be redirected here

    Order for 1st round is
    1. GoBigorGoHome->Kate Upton
    2. Darvon -> Bar Refaeli
    3. ReaderM -> Marisa Miller
    4. Ragar -> Brooklyn Decker
    5. Ripperlicious -> Kelly Brook
    6. packa7x -> Mila Kunis
    7. Docta -> Olivia Wilde
    8. Trumpetbdw -> Emmanuelle Chriqui
    9. KabaModernFan ->Sofia Vergara
    10. Polishguy00 -> Miranda Kerr
    11.SpartaChris -> Allesandra Ambrosio

    Order for 2nd Round is

    1.SpartaChris -> Minka Kelly
    2.Polishguy00 ->Scarlett Johansson
    3.KabaModernFan -> Stacy Keibler
    4.Trumpetbdw ->Anne Hathaway
    5. Docta ->Victoria Justice
    6. packa7x -> Emma Stone
    7. Ripperlicious -> Abigail Clancy
    8.Ragar -> Milla Jovovich
    9.ReaderM -> Eva Mendes
    10. Darvon -> Charlize Theron
    11.GoBigorGoHome -> Alicia Keys

    Order for 3rd round is
    1. GoBigorGoHome -> Gisele Bundchen
    2. Darvon _> Jessica Alba
    3. ReaderM -> Megan Fox
    4. Ragar -> Natalie Portman
    5. Ripperlicious -> Kate Beckinsale
    6. packa7x -> Taylor Swift
    7. Docta -> Rosie Jones
    8. Trumpetbdw -> Rosey Huntington-Whiteley
    9. KabaModernFan -> Candice Swanepoel
    10. Polishguy00 ->Joanna Krupa
    11.SpartaChris ->Jaime Edmonson

    Order for 4th Round is
    1.SpartaChris ->Maria Menounos
    2.Polishguy00 -> Olivia Munn
    3.KabaModernFan ->Hope Dworaczyk
    4.Trumpetbdw -> Alyssa Jayne Milano
    5. Docta -> Susan Coffey
    6. packa7x -> Maria Brink
    7. Ripperlicious -> Carrie Underwood
    8.Ragar -> Sylvie Françoise van der Vaart
    9.ReaderM -> Gabrielle Union
    10. Darvon -> Yvonne strahovski
    11.GoBigorGoHome -> Roberta Mancino

    GoBigor Go Home is now on the clock
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    Thanks to ReaderM for organizing and thanks to for the opportunity to make the first overall selection.

    Kate Upton
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    Sorry for the delay, I was busy filing court papers.

    With the 2nd pick of the draft, darvon picks Bar Refaeli

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    I don't believe this person slipped to me...all well, I'm doing a celebratory dance, a woman who not only hot but packing it mentally&into sports&bikes.Just the overall package.

    With the 3rd Pick, ReaderM picks Marisa Miller
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    4th pick: Brooklyn Decker
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    The 5th pick goes to Kelly Brook.

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    With the #6 overall pick of the 2011 Football Pros, Packa7x selects, Mila Kunis, model/actress/voice actress, Russia.
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    With the 7th pick, Docta selects Olivia Wilde.
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    With the 8th pick, Trumpetbdw selects Emmanuelle Chriqui.

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    How far did Mrs Brady slide? 4th round? Seems like you "guys" had fun
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