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Thread: Football Outsiders Almanac Question/Nugget - Baltimore Ravens

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    Football Outsiders Almanac Question/Nugget - Baltimore Ravens

    I think a lot of people on this side respect the work of Aaron Schatz and his crew from Football Outsiders. The Football Outsiders Almanac is a must-read every year, and I thought it would be interesting to post something from each of the teams' chapters on this forum and get some conversation going. Out of respect to Football Outsiders, I won't post here what their projected record or playoff percentages are, but just an interesting tidbit from the team's chapter to see what their fans think.

    So, for the Baltimore Ravens:

    I've discussed in other threads the number of close losses suffered by the Ravens last year. The Ravens' chapter goes into a few of the bug-a-boos that bit the Ravens last year, but one in particular was interesting - performance in the red zone.

    The Ravens were great last year in rushing inside the red zone, but the passing game was far below par. The chapter points out four games in particular (Colts, Steelers, Patriots, Bengals) where Flacco incompletions or interceptions in the red zone cost the team an opportunity to win the game.

    Will the addition of Anquan Boldin, plus additional maturity from Joe Flacco, be the difference in turning the Ravens from a 9-7 wild card team to a Super Bowl contender?

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    I speak for everyone in Baltimore when I say that I really hope so. Anquan Boldin might be the toughest player in the NFL, and we're all hoping that his fearlessness in going across the middle to catch a pass should help the offense in the RZ and short yardage situations. Flacco did look lost at times last season, especially during those Bengals games, but then you watch something like the 2nd half of that Vikings game and you can't help but think that he'll be a star in this league someday. It looks a lot more likely his career will end up closer to star QB then replacement player at this point, and here's to hoping Anquan Boldin and all the other additions to the team this offseason cement our push for a Super Bowl run.
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