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Thread: How valuable was Jon Gruden?

  1. How valuable was Jon Gruden?

    There is no other way to put it, the train fell off the track last year in Tampa. Jon Gruden may have been considered a control freak in Tampa, but his teams were consistently in the hunt and had a plan. Last year without him the Bucs looked lost. Both newly hired offensive and defensive coordinators were fired. Offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski unsuccessfully tried to convert to a zone blocking scheme and struggled as a play-caller. He was canned before the season even started. Defensive coordinator Jim Bates tried to switch to a read and react 2 gap style of defense that never worked. He was fired in mid-season with the worst scoring defense in the league left in his wake. New head coach Raheem Morris was put in a tough position. Morris had never been a head coach or defensive coordinator before last year. He finally took control and started calling the defenses. The Bucs defense went back to what made them so successful under Monte Kiffen, a one-gap attacking defensive style that allowed a very respectable 17 points per game over the last 6 games. Still the Bucs knew they had to help a defense that allowed a league high 160 yards per game rushing, so they went looking for another Warren Sapp. As Warren liked to say, he would play the run on the way to the QB. As long as they didn't run in his pass rushing lane, all was good. That position is known as a 3 technique defensive tackle and is the key to the so-called Tampa 2 defense. Gerald McCoy was drafted with the 3rd overall pick to play that position. If McCoy can fill that void, maybe Bucs fans can begin to move on from the era of Warren Sapp, Monte Kiffen, and Jon Gruden. Maybe the more important question is, why did they fire Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen in the first place?
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  2. I believe they fired Gruden and Allen because they had lost control of the team. They were in a position, the year they left, to gain home field advantage in the playoffs. They then lost all of the remaining games. They had an old QB, an old defense, and they were directionless, having lost out. The team needed rebuilding. Plus, the ownership is cash-strapped and needed to get young and less expensive. They have done that. Last year, Morris was forced into a bad position and had little direction. Once they had settled on their QB, fired their coordinators and settled down as a team, they were pretty good, considering they were starting a rookie QB. This year, his team knows what they need to do to succeed, having learned that by beating the Saints and Packers last year. They have a very talented young team looking to prove itself. With a more experienced QB and more talent on the defense, look for the Bucs to capitalize on a weak schedule and contend for the playoffs in 2011!
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    For a true measure of Grudens value put on some MNF tape from the Kornheiser Days. Hes the best thing to happen to MNF since Jaws.

  4. I do believe Gruden is a great commentator, however his skills are best used on the sidelines. He needs to replace Lovie Smith and give the Bears back their bite - while finally maximizing Cutler's potential.

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    I have a feeling ol jonny boy wanted money for his usual veteran free agent signings, and the glazers being a bit tight since the super bowl (lowest spending team of ALL teams since buying ManU) somehow figured eating Gruden's extension was easier than paying bucks for Bucs. And of course, God Forbid someone get hurt. Galloway put in 1,000 yard seasons for the man, then tore his shoulder up in the playoffs and Gruden paints him to be a p*ssy. He played hurt and hasn't done sh*t since. Go figure.

    Maybe The Galzers figured Gruden's ADHD/obsessive compulsive football disorder would keep him from the booth. Everyone knows he wants to be a head coach again. But his agent is keeping him from jumping on the first offer across the table, which is smart, since the Bucs are paying him and MNF is paying him, why rush back (other than its about football not money for Jon G). Wait for a situation like Shanahan did. Maybe the Skins aren't the best, but they did let him hire his son and basically do what he wants (outside of stomp on haynesworth's head like albert did andre gurode). I bet Jon wants freedom to hire his brother Jay off the AFL ranks, and to basically be the czar of a team.

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    The saints played very plain against the bucs at the end of the season but hey, you did beat us. So I'll give you that. The question I have is, Gruden is an Offensive minded guy..correct? When has tampa been this power house on O? He brought them to the super bowl with a Dungy built team. They were pure D and had some of the best players in the past 10 years. I just never understood it. But I could be completely mistaken.

    And yes IckMcWang, why jump to be a head coach for a team that you will just get constant head aches? He'll find a perfect situation where he'll have a good team but the team just needs a good direction. I do think the bears could be that team but has he expressed that he wants out? How much is he making doing MNF? Think about it..he doesn't have to be criticized about a team every 10 seconds.
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    I do not believe Gruden is a great commentator. I don't know of another analyst, right now, who provides the names of plays; just tell me what is happening. I haven't seen one of his recent games. I'll comment again when Gruden does it again. Does anyone ever critique these analysts?

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    Gruden is an optimistic announcer. He's convinced that every game is a super bowl preview.

    I enjoy his enthusiasm even when I disagree with him. I like Jaws better though.

    As a coach, I think he brought the energy that the veteran team built by Dungy needed. He just wasn't able to sustain that energy as the team got older and older.

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