I know as a fan of a team we tend to love the unproven young guys on the team. Example being one of my good friends is absolutely obsessed with Jerome Simpson and still thinking Chris Perry should get a better chance for the Bengals.

But with that understanding, I still don't know if the Lions have to have FA secondary player. (As long as Chris Houston is back). With Delmas Coleman Speivey and Philips at safety I feel good. No one is a killer stand out and there are some good solid vets and some young guys with what could be great upside.

At CB of course we would have Houston who is an above average corner. And for the young and great upside I like Alphonso Smith and Aaron Berry. Potentially, Tye Hill and Prince Miller. with Houston and Vasher being the vets.

I do think the CB could use some upgrades, but nothing major is a must. The must in my opinion comes from the OLB support.