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Thread: The forum site looks good, my forum posting feels good, I like my chances

  1. The forum site looks good, my forum posting feels good, I like my chances

    Site looks good, seems well organized. Good job on the Rome show today Cris, keep up the good work!


    /just kidding, this place looks like a great resource

  2. Great having you Clone. Bring your A game, you will need it.

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    How true it is, I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable football fan and there are been at least 3 times here where I decided not to post on a subject just because if you bring in some half tailed opinion or debate as you might on some other sites, it can teared apart in a second, especially if it about another fan's team. I think that is what makes this site great is because while there are many good football forums out there, a lot of them are team specific while this is gathering of fans of every franchise and they are bringing that knowledge with them.
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