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    Just wondering what everyone thought about our defensive line and who will be starting. Everything I've read says that Louis Leonard and Tank Tyler will be the starters at tackle. I assume Tyler Brayton will start at one end.

    Do you think we'll go with Charles Johnson or Everette Brown at the other end? We'll probably rotate a lot, so starting may not be a huge deal.

    I think we'll need to get some impact from Corvey Irvin at tackle. Irvin was viewed as a reach at the time he was drafted in '09, and then he was hurt. Since we didn't do anything in free agency, we're going to have to rely on our recent draft picks. Let's hope we drafted some studs.

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    Kris Jenkins, Ma'ake Kemoeatu, Julius Peppers. The Panthers have lost more talent on the d-line the last few years than any other team. With the star of their defense being an under-sized MLB, they really need those linemen to occupy the offensive linemen. Add the loss of Thomas Davis to the losses on the line and I'm afraid it could be a tough year for the Panthers' D. The Panthers traded this year's #1 (which I believe ended up being 17th overall) for Everette Brown and didn't get a lot out of him. In their defense, there really wasn't an elite pass rusher at 17 this year, with Derrick Morgan and Jason Pierre-Paul going at 15 and 16, but with the loss of Peppers they really need Brown to step up.

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    I'm hoping whatever DTs we can cobble together will be able to slow the run, but I'm actually not THAT worried about DE. No one can question Pepper's ability or can forget when he completely took over a game, but after watching him for so long i'm ready to see consistency and a high motor rushing the QB.

    Maybe someone with some inside knowledge can explain this to me. It seems like we got an absolute steal in Greg Hardy, who was considered a First Round talent before hurting his foot. We picked him up in the Sixth. Why did he fall so far? I'm hopeful he might come through and be dominant.

    Between Hardy, Norwood, Brown, Johnson, and Brayton I feel like we have a solid group of DEs. It's the overall composition of the DLine that worries me the most, but I don't feel like Kemoeatu or Damione Lewis were more than just above-average the last few years, so hopefully the guys we have now can come through if they stay healthy this year.

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