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Thread: CBA Concessions to Keep Football Alive in 2011

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    I would think that the Players' Association would support a rookie cap that raises minimum salaries for lower round draft picks and spreads the money around more evenly. I think both the NFL and the PA want to avoid the too-often situation where an Akili Smith or Tim Couch receives tens of millions in guaranteed money and ends up out of the league or wearing a hoodie within a couple of years. The top picks deserve some guaranteed money, but the max signing bonus should not be more than $10-15 million, in my opinion. Let the rookies earn more money with performance on the field.
    You would think both sides would be in total agreement on the rookie wage scale. I'll throw in one added benefit -- a set, line by line salary structure saws agents out of the picture for every players first contract (Florio banged this hard recently -- props). That would all but eliminate the business of runners/marketing agents at the collegiate level. Everybody wins (screw the agents).
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    what I found interesting is Every head coach will continue to get full pay for the duration of any lockout while assistant coaches depending on the team they coach for will face % pay cuts and up to termination of their job depending on the length of the Dave Lapham said last night"an 8 Billion dollar pie and we cant figure out a way to keep everyone healthy? It really is amazing
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