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Thread: Were They Wrong for Reporting This?

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    Were They Wrong for Reporting This?

    So was typing this out in response to Cris's Why Can't Players and Coaches Communicate and/or Practice article and it turned out so long decided to just make a post on it. Since you guys obviously brought up the Raheem situation in that article(in case you didn't know here it is, I want to try and get your thoughts on something that is going down in the Bucs community and whether your agree with it or not

    So Raheem went on a very popular AM Sports Radio Station in Tampa Bay when he made the comments( I actually listened to it live myself).It was first reported by another very popular Bucs blog in, which is run by 2 guys who are/were actually journalist and have experience in media relations,when as they normally do, make posts and highlight certain parts of transcripts of most all Buccaneers related interviews. They are catching a lot of flask because people are saying they should of sat on the story and not reported the comments that Raheem said as such cause it was made toward the end of the interview in an off cusp manner on a subject that wasn't even really Bucs team related [discussion was on how a coach called it to tell how local Bucs players were giving back to the community&how they personally helped out his guys and thanks Rah for putting that type of mentality forward with all his players] The local media guys didn't even touch it at all but that is another story in itself.

    So the question is should they have sat on the story and not reported it at all because they are only a Blog and not an "official" mainstream media that focuses exclusively on Buccaneers related material and by reporting this they are doing actions that are detrimental to the team & organization and thus not being the so called "Fans" that are stated in their title. Or because they are/ have been journalist, even if their actions get the team in trouble, they have a duty to report all Buccaneers material, good or bad for the team.

    Personally, I fall into the latter camp cause if I wanted Bucs spin pieces, I would just exclusively go to the Bucs official page and the blame is not on them for reporting it but for Raheem for making the comments on a public radio station though it will really suck if the Bucs get punished for this.Of course,others in the community don't agree with that viewpoint and thought it would be interesting to get other non-Bucs fans thoughts on this and how would if you feel if your team was in this exact same situation.
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    In the past journalists would routinely decide not to report things that were damaging to people they covered, if only to protect sources. Those days are nearly over. And if they don't do it, somebody tweets it.

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    It absolutely doesn't matter whether they're a blogger or a journalist, news is news, regardless where it comes from. Morris didn't make the statement off the record, he did so, on a live radio broadcast. The folks at JoeBucsfan are right in reporting on the content of the interview, and those calling them out for it are in the wrong. Perhaps they should be calling out Morris for making the comment in the first place, rather than calling out the folks who correctly reported it.

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    People often go to blog/journals that kind of thing for the news first, that's how they make their money. The official websites can't post this stuff, especially player transactions, until everything is finalized.
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