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Thread: Saints got to the Super Bowl with offense, but won it with defense.

  1. Saints got to the Super Bowl with offense, but won it with defense.

    I can remember watching Peyton Manning moving his Colts up and down the field early in the Super Bowl and thinking this was going to be a blowout. The Colts could do anything they wanted. The Saints never really stopped the Colts running game, but defensive coordinator Gregg Williams probably didn't care. If Peyton Manning is handing off, you have a chance to beat the Colts. Watching the tape of the game some guys had big games that may have never been mentioned in the papers. Jonathon Vilma had the Colt's running backs Joseph Addai and Donald Brown in man coverage out of the backfield most of the night. Vilma's athleticism won the day. Vilma's best coverage play came on 3rd and 11 on the Colts next to last possession. Vilma checked to a Tampa 2 coverage, and then ran 30 yards downfield stride for stride with Austin Collie to knock down a potential TD. It was a brilliant play. Linebacker Scott Shanle didn't exactly shut down Dallas Clark, but Clark couldn't win enough battles against Shanle to force the Saints out of man coverage which ultimately gave Gregg Williams more and more confidence to blitz late in the game. DE Will Smith would often line up wide to invite Manning to check a run inside him, when he did, Smith usually made the stop. Smith's stuffing the hole on 3rd and 1 at the Colts own 10 yard line just before the half, may have been the play of the game. But without question my MVP was Tracy Porter. Everybody remembers the interception for a TD, but he had Reggie Wayne most of the night and never allowed a big play. Gregg Williams gave Peyton a lot of frustrating coverages, showing cover 3 but playing cover 2 with a corner instead of a safety, then dropping the safety down in various coverage zones. When the Saints defense got some adavantage in the down and distance, Williams made Manning beat cover 2 man which takes away the outside threats of Garcon and Wayne, and puts the burden on his coverage linebackers who kept making plays. Anyway, I'm now getting into too much detail. Suffice it to say the the Saints record breaking offense is why they were playing in the Super Bowl, but it was their defense that deserves much of the credit for bringing home the ring.
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  2. Wait, you actually think Saints fans are going to post serious replies to your comments in July while the entire WhoDat Nation is still giddy about being on the winning side of the most-watched sporting event in US History? Anytime an NFL commercial comes on or the NFL is discussed on TV, a big sh*+-eating grin comes across my face. We actually won the freaking Super Bowl baby!!!!

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    Saints fans drink beer, God kills a turtle. Interesting.

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    The Saints defense will be better this year. Alex Brown is a definite upgrade over the substandard Charles Grant. If Porter and Greer remain healthy, it's going to be very difficult for teams to throw against us. Additionally if you look at our schedule we aren't exactly facing a murderers row of QB's next year. Detractors can claim that the Saints are weak up the middle against the run all they want, but the fact remains, that if Drew Brees and company are putting up 30+ a game, no team can stick to the run.
    I very much like the Saints chances of repeating as long as Drew Brees remains upright.

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    Just supports the theory of "Offense wins you games (and sells tickets) but D wins championships!"
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