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Thread: Dumervil guaranteed $43M in new deal

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    Dumervil guaranteed $43M in new deal

    -- Elvis Dumervil's route to riches was somewhat unconventional by today's NFL standards for superstars. He didn't posture, wasn't petulant or pouty. He didn't rip his coaches or the front office, hold out of minicamps or ask for a trade.
    Coming off an NFL-leading and team-record 17 sacks last season, Dumervil signed his restricted free agent tender and continued working out with the Denver Broncos during the offseason while his agent and general manager exchanged figures.

    Dumervil hit pay dirt with a $61.5 million extension through 2015 that includes $43.168 million in guarantees, a record for a player at his pass-rushing position.

    His agent and his coach both suggested Dumervil's payday wasn't just about his pass-rushing prowess but also came about because of his patience and professionalism.

    Dumervil said he was raised with a strong work ethic and he praised the advice he got from family members and his agent.

    "And so at the end of the day, I knew my value and there was no need to go out and pout or go out, you know, the way other guys may have handled things because I know that character is No. 1 for me and I knew if I could bring the stats along with that it gave me a good chance," Dumervil said. :Article source
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    Too much for an OLB. Let's ask the Patriots how giving Adailius Thomas all that money worked out? I have nothing against Elvis personally. I think he is a great, humble, hard working athlete. I have problems with locking down 1/8 of the salary cap on a position that doesn't score points. OLB usually don't produce consistent elite numbers in consecutive seasons (this is backed up by the fact that no player has led the NFL in sacks two years in a row since Reggie White in 1988).

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