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Thread: I need inside info from Broncos fans

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    I need inside info from Broncos fans

    Why was Mike Nolan let go? I thought he made good progress with the Broncos' D last year and I was really surprised to see him leave so soon. National media hasn't been very helpful at all. Do Broncos fans have some better info?

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    I was wondering about that too. In one year, Nolan took the Broncos' defense from 29th to 7th. It was reported that McDaniels dumped him because he blitzed too much, but that has since been somewhat debunked. I think the Broncos' official story is that it was a mutual breakup, which we all know is rarely if ever the case. Although unimpressive as a HC, Nolan has had great success as a DC, I'll see if I can find his record.

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    The DenverPost never got into the details of it either. They did report that there was increased tension after the loss to the Redskins which was the start of McDaniel's decision to replace Nolan. After going 6-0 they then dropped three in a row after a bye week and gave up 30, 28 and 27 points in those losses. I think he will do a decent job in Miami though.

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    McDaniels didn't like Nolans blitzing philosphies. Specifically run blitzes. Plus the D, especially against the run, was horendous after the 6-0 start.

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    Nolan gone, Wink Martindale in

    Quote Originally Posted by krgrant View Post
    McDaniels didn't like Nolans blitzing philosphies. Specifically run blitzes. Plus the D, especially against the run, was horendous after the 6-0 start.
    I heard the same thing. McDaniels wanted to run different defensive sets to protect against the run, but Nolan wanted to keep blitzing. I'm not sure if Nolan kept blitzing or McDaniels got his way during the 2-8 stretch, but we all know Nolan is gone (and couldn't wait to leave the McDaniels regime).

    Many in Denver believe the Robert "Wink" Martindale hire at Defensive Coordinator was so McDaniels could run the defense. Obviously he would never admit that in the media, but the one thing bout McD we've learned here in Denver is it's his way or the highway. I'm not trying to discount Martindale because the rumor is he has many aggressive blitz packages. He is a former Linebackers coach, so look for Dumervil and (hopefully) Ayers to be crushing opposing QB's from the OLB spots.

    Finally, the poor run stopping that plagued the Broncos last season should be solved with the additions of Jamal Williams (NT) and Jarvis Green (DE). Both player are significant upgrades at their positions and should help out tremendously. Since both players demand much attention from offensive lines, the blitz should open up.

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