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Thread: Johnson to Hold Out in 2011?

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    Johnson to Hold Out in 2011?

    The word is that Chris Johnson wants to hold out for a gargantuan contract. But he is locked up through 2012, so the Titans may not be in a hurry to pull up the Brinks truck for Mr. Johnson. Do you think he will hold out, and if so, for how many games? Will the Titans try to work a deal (albeit less than he would get as a free agent) so they can have a chance to win more than 5 games in 2011?

    Steven Jackson of the Rams held out through all of training camp a couple years ago, before signing a big money extension. Then a few games into the year, he was knocked out with a 'deep thigh bruise'-we all thought he was coming back in a week or two, but he missed over a month. So if Johnson does miss all of camp, and into the season somewhat, he may be more prone to injury due to lack of game conditioning. Climbing a stairmaster in your basement just is not the same as actual football. How does this situation impact his Fantasy Football value? If he does start holding out, I think his value goes down somewhat but many will still take him in round 2.

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    It's no secret holding out doesn't generally bode well for good, season long health. It happened to Revis last season, happened to Jackson as you stated, and has happened to a number of others.

    As for fantasy implications, I think you still take him in the 2nd if he's there. Fantasy football is all about risk/reward, and you might as well go all in to try and win.

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    It's interesting that he decides to holdout now after having a subpar 2010 season. Not to mention that while Chris Johnson is a Top 5 RB in the NFL right now, his backup Javon Ringer looked good himself in limited action last year. Tennessee isn't exactly known for shelling out the big bucks either, so I have a feeling this might backfire on Johnson if he goes through with it.
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