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Thread: I'm filling in for Turk again

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    I'm filling in for Turk again

    The Hartford Colonials schedule for 2011:

    Aug 13 @ Virginia - season opens against Marty Schottenheimer's Destroyers in Virginia Beach. Special note Destroyers coach John Marshall earned two super bowl rings as 49ers D Line coach.

    Aug 27 vs. Sacramento - home opener vs. the Mountain Lions coached by Dennis Green. I will be severely disappointed if Coach Greene does not crown the Colonials' asses after the game.

    Sept 4 @ Las Vegas - Turk goes to Las Vegas to face Jim Fassel's Locomotives and running back coach Amp Lee - the man who caught Joe Montana's last TD pass as a 49er. Round trip flight to LV would cost me $225, hrmmm...

    Sept 10 vs. Las Vegas - "Leaving Las Vegas". The teams trade home and away games in back to back weeks. Short week with a long flight for each team. Luckily "Top 10... Bottom 5" isn't due for another week.

    Sept 23 vs. Omaha - I strongly suggest everyone google Joe Moglia, the HC for the Omaha Nighthawks. A championship level coach who also made a killing on Wall St. Too bad he has to face "Turk Talk" now - he's gonna get creamed.

    Oct 1 @ Sacramento - Turk has to travel to Dennis Green's house and get his ass crowned again. He is who we this he was!

    Oct 8 vs. Virginia - Marty's Destroyers travel north to Hartford to get thumped again.

    Oct 15 @ Omaha - The regular season finale. I think if we start now we could generate some good suggestions for what Turk can do in Omaha in October.

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    Go Colonials?

    Go Colonials.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBigOrGoHome View Post
    Go Colonials?

    Go Colonials.
    Out of respect for Turk..i'm going to hold my jokes..but man, its SO HARRDD!!!
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