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Thread: Bradshaw "interested" in joining Dolphins

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    Bradshaw wanted more money than the Dolphins were willing to give him, and now that they have Bush I doubt their offer to him will go up. In fact, I bet they would be willing to pay him even less.

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    There is much to consider here in signing Bradshaw. First off, is he a #1 RB? Remember he was benched at the end of last season for a variety of reasons, including his fumbling and declining production. Second, with his injury history, how much guaranteed money does a team want to invest in him? Also, historically backs with as many carries as he had last season decline the following season, both in YPC and overall yards. All these make me hope the Giants don't overpay...bring him back for a reasonable deal, but if another team outbids us, let him walk, the risk just is not worth it in my estimation.

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