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Thread: Training Camp: Rocklin, CA

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    Training Camp: Rocklin, CA

    Rocklin is a smallish city in Northern California near Sacramento. It's home to Sierra College and, well, not much else. 110° + temperatures are not uncommon in the summer.

    In 1981 Bill Walsh moved the 49ers training camp from Stockton to Rocklin. The 49ers spent the next 17 summers there.

    The 49ers entered the league in 1950 and in the 31 years prior to Rocklin they had a win-loss record of 182-223 (44%).

    Their first year in Rocklin resulted in a Superbowl win. The 49ers went on to win 4 more Super Bowls and amass a 73% winning record during the next 16 years.

    Big Hair Mariucci was only able to stand one summer in Rocklin. His hairspray just couldn't hold up in the heat. In 1998 Mariucci moved training camp to comfy Santa Clara. After completing the emasculation of the 49ers Mariucci performed the same task for the Lions.

    Timeline since the move:
    1998 Garrison Hearst breaks his leg in the playoffs
    1999 Steve Young's career ended by a concussion
    2000 Eddie DeBartolo forced out as owner
    2001 Jerry Rice leaves the team, replaced by Terrel "PenisCancer" Owens
    2002 - 2010 A win-loss record of 56-88, countless humiliations, the drafting of Alex Smith

    Overall since leaving Rocklin the 49ers have a record of 90-108 (43%). Eerie coincidence, no?
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    There are no small coincidences and big coincidences (I assume the same holds for eerie).

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    So are we calling this the Shasta curse.. that actually has a nice ring to it
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    Shasta curse would be nice except I had a brain spasm. Rocklin is closer to Sacramento than Mt. Shasta.

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