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Thread: Packer Hall of Fame set to induct William Henderson today.

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    Packer Hall of Fame set to induct William Henderson today.

    The Green Bay Packers will induct fullback William Henderson into the Packer Hall of Fame. A lot of folks will remember him as Brett Favre's outlet on flares and boots, and his frequent hurdler move as the big man went airborne over a defender coming in low.
    Henderson's long career in GB made him a fan favorite, not only for his onfield work, but his community service and high character, which were inspirational to many. Henderson is everything you want in a player. A great role player, teamate, gym rat, leader, in short, a great Pro.
    Congratulations on this well deserved honor.

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    I got a chance to meet him, get my picture taken and an autograph. Super nice guy, and very humble. Well deserved recognition.

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