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Thread: Which One?: Mike and Mike in the Morning or The Dan Patrick Show?

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    Mike and Mike are a bit vanilla for my taste.They remind me of drive time radio jocks,everything is very surface info.Give me DP.
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    1) M & M and DP only compete for one hour of air time (9-10 AM Eastern)
    2) M & M do pretty well considering they musk withing the constraints set bt ESPN
    3) DP's show has enough dead air to suffocate a small country. But I do like the pot shots he takes at the "mothership" (I'm watching as I type). But the dead ripoff of Stern's overcrowded studio is irritating (Really Dan? Four dudes? Get a hottie in there. You are televising this garbage. Give us some eye candy.)
    4) Rome used to be a great interviewer. He used to ask tough questions. I dunno what happened, but Pruitt nailed the Rome we get these days. That guy just plain sucks.
    5) I like some of Cowherd's stances as he at least tries to look at things from varying points of view. But he is way annoying.
    6) Scott Van Pelt is a good listen
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    I like VanPelt, but can't stand Ryen Rusillo....Rusillo belongs in Dan Patrick's studio, he'd fit in there perfectly
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    Dan Patrick Show...There is only so many times I can "Mike and Mike" said on a program. Plus Dan Patrick Show fits my taste and manners better cause I feel he actually interviews people who get on there.Also like Scott said, it's not only sports radio but covers a pretty decent amount of subjects.

    Also another bonus, the majority of people that call in don't make me cringe when I listen to them.. which happens a lot when I listen to other shows.
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    Well, I listen to the DP podcast, which basically removes the commercials. You get it later, but since I listen to it in another country...
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    ... the dead ripoff of Stern's overcrowded studio is irritating (Really Dan? Four dudes? Get a hottie in there. You are televising this garbage. Give us some eye candy.)
    It may be a dead ripoff, but at least they're upfront about it. And the alternative, really, is one guy repeating himself for three hours. Ick. and it's radio first. I believe they deliver eye candythrough guests and the Wall Of Inspiration.

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    I'm with Colts on Manboy and Meathead. Actually, I don't care for DP either. Too many words, too little info. Maybe that's self loathing.

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    What, no unsolicited pub for the PolishguyPodcast? I'm gonna take my ball and then go to my driveway and bounce it longingly while I watch you guys play.

    Anyway, I pick Dan Patrick here since he is the voice I remember when I used to have summer vacations to watch SC every day. Somehow, though, I end up listening to M&M more often even though I have enjoyed them less. Overall, I just have enjoyed sports radio less in the last two years. Cowherd says some smart things and then over-emphasizes meaningless points. Rome is a parody of himself and eventually will retire happy to life of raising horses; good for him, he can actually ride off into the sunset. I liked Scott Van Pelt until he got reeled in by his silly suspension. On the way home from work, I listen to afternoon R&R here in Cleveland with Mike Reghi and Kenny Roda.

    Now I tend to listen to Adam Carolla and a couple other podcasts and then listen to nothing at all until an afternoon baseball game is on. Late mornings is usually when I am getting all my calls for the day outof the way. I like listening to the Brewers for Bob Uecker.
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    Neither, for me.

    Those shows exist to fill the air. As a result, the crap-versus-legitimate information ratio is way out of whack. I tend to get impatient and move on with other things. Maybe it would be different if I had a long commute and was stuck with the radio for company. But I don't, I'm not and I don't have the patience for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polishguy00 View Post
    What, no unsolicited pub for the PolishguyPodcast?
    Id put your podcast and intro up against those guys,even the spammers have found you Polish!
    There is only one immutable law in life - in a gentleman's toilet, incoming traffic has the right of way.
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