The schedule says Cowboys camp began on July 24.

But it really got underway Tuesday morning when linebacker Bradie James and fullback Deon Anderson exchanged blows.

"That's how you know you're in two-a-days,'' James said. "It's official when you have that first skirmish. You get the red eye and you just want to go blast somebody. It kills the monotony of practice.''

Anderson's take:

"I got a little enthusiastic out there,'' he said.

The exchange was brief and James and Anderson were seen laughing afterwards. That was not the case in the first fight of last year's camp between nose tackle Jay Ratliff and right tackle Marc Colombo.

"Well, they were actually able to break us up,'' James said of Tuesday's fight. "You get in there with Ratliff and Colombo, they might knock everybody down.

"You don't want to break a fight like that up. You've got to wait until they're finished.''