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Thread: Why Wouldn't Carolina Consider TO?

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    Why Wouldn't Carolina Consider TO?

    Considering that John Fox is in "win or go home" mode and the Panthers have never been able to get a consistent number two wide receiver along Steve Smith, why wouldn't the Carolina Panthers consider Terrell Owens?

    With their offensive line and running game, TO seems like he would be an ideal complement to the speedier Steve Smith.

    Is it just that they don't want to subject their young quarterbacks to TO?

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    Many reasons:

    #1, Jerry Richardson was embarassed early in the franchise's history with multiple "head cases" and we have steered completely clear of them for years.
    #2, We've tried something similar before with Keyshawn, it didn't work out well.
    #3, Veteran purge across the board during the offseason. The team is obviously committed to lowering costs before the lockout and developing young players.
    #4, it would hamper the development of all our young WRs (It's Jarrett's last chance and he needs the reps, while LaFell and Edwards need the work TO would take away)

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