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    Tim Tebow

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeland View Post
    I like Tebow as a between the tackles, short yardage runner. As far as I can tell that's about the only NFL caliber skill how showed in college. But he doesn't have anything near break away speed and I don't think he can cut it as a passer right now unless the defense is playing the run. The reason most people are assuming Tebow will get snaps in the wildcat is that he is a 1st round pick and will be given every chance of getting on the field, where else would that happen but in the wildcat.

    Ok, so full disclosure - I have to start by saying I'm a UF grad student. I've been there the entire time Tim Tebow has. I've seen every game he's played, every snap, every TD, every game-winning celebration. I've watched "The Promise" speech probably 50 times. I might have even shed a tear at his final home game against FSU (or it could've been salt water from the boiled peanuts - I'm not totally sure). And I have to say, despite all the obvious bias I have towards him, I STILL think he's going to prove A LOT of people wrong about what he's capable of in the NFL.

    Look, I can understand the arguments about having played in the spread offense - the NFL isn't exactly running that style of "O." But you can't tell me the only "NFL caliber skill he showed in college" was running between the tackles:

    - 32 PASSING TD's to only 6 INTs during his Heisman season
    - a career completion percentage of 67%
    - 88 career PASSING TD's to only 15 picks - in other words a nearly 6:1 TD to INT ratio

    And this was all done in the SEC. It's not like we're talking about the WAC or something. It's the SEC - the best college football conference in the country, with the best defenses. It's basically as close to the NFL as you can get on the college level (unless you consider USC since their players receive salaries), and he torched the conference. 55 TDs in a single season in the SEC during the Heisman year alone! Now, yes, the reads were a lot simpler in college. No one can debate that. And the physical advantages Tebow had over nearly every player in college won't be the same now in the NFL. No one's saying he's going to come in and turn into Drew Brees immediately (a player most scouts doubted due to his size and lack of arm strength - guess it turns out scouts and analysts aren't always correct). But how can people just completely brush aside what he showed in college? How can people totally dismiss his chances without ever giving him the chance to begin with?

    So many people want to say, "Oh Tebow's mechanics are bad." Or, "He never took snaps under center." Well, what about the results on the field? When did those stop mattering? Remember how everyone was obsessed with JaMarcus Russell and his physical attributes? How'd that turn out? And Bills fans (sadly I'm one of them) will remember every analyst saying about J.P. Losman, "Oh he's got a cannon for an arm - he'll do well in the Buffalo weather." Really? Did his strong arm help that much? (The answer is, "NO." He absolutely sucked) And then, everyone said, "Yikes, not sure about Philip Rivers - he throws funny with that side-arm motion. He won't succeed in the NFL." Well, how many teams would LOVE to have him now? He's one of the best QBs in the league (which, I might add, I proudly predicted before he got drafted). And, coincidentally, he was sighted as being a great leader in college that could will his team to win. Sounds familiar...

    If anyone watched the NFL Draft, they showed a quick segment of Steve Young, followed by Dan Marino, followed by Tim Tebow (if I remember that correctly - Montana might've been in there as well). And you know what appeared to be different about all their releases? Next to nothing! There was really no discernible difference between them. And if you don't believe me, Steve Young said it himself. Just because someone may be unconventional, doesn't mean they can't succeed. He AT LEAST should be a great Wildcat QB - it's very similar to the single-wing spread and he's actually a threat to throw (unlike a RB) or catch the ball (unlike any other QB that lines up wide in the Wildcat). The Wildcat could even be a legitimate audible for Denver because of Tebow's versatility.

    Look, you can argue any point about any player. It's easy to find examples of unconventional players that worked out and those that haven't. The same goes for conventional players. All I'm saying is if ANY PLAYER IN THE NFL can make this work, it's Tebow. Name a player more driven than him (you can't). Name a player that cares more about improving (you can't). Name a player that wants to help his teammates succeed more than him (you can't). I'd bet on Tim Tebow moreso than any other football player, college or NFL. You just don't find players like him and you just don't find people like him.

    And if you'd like to dismiss this whole argument from a biased, unknown UF student and Tim Tebow fan, that's fine. All I'm trying to do here is point out the flaws and inconsistencies in most other people's arguments. But think about what Jon Gruden says about Tebow. He believes. Think about what Steve Young, Jim Kelly, and John Elway say about Tebow. They believe too. Look, I've seen Tim Tebow promise to lift his team on his back and promise to be the hardest-working, best player in the country. I've seen him, in essence, promise a National Championship. And everytime he promises something, he seems to come through. So when he promises he's going to work hard and succeed in the NFL as a quarterback, I'm going to listen. It might not be a terrible idea for others to put their hands to their ears and start listening too.

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    To the Unknown Student,
    I don't really have much of an opinion on Tebow, the player, but your post was a fun read. Of all the rookie QB's, I think he has the biggest target on his chest. More than Bradford and his gazillion $$$. Thx for your take on things.

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    I don't know if Tim Tebow will make it in the NFL or not but I think he'll be the best story for the next 2-3 years. If he makes it at the pro level he'll have Tiger Woods level attention (in the good way, not the "beaten by wife with a golf club" way).

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    Quote Originally Posted by msclemons View Post
    I don't know if Tim Tebow will make it in the NFL or not but I think he'll be the best story for the next 2-3 years. If he makes it at the pro level he'll have Tiger Woods level attention (in the good way, not the "beaten by wife with a golf club" way).
    I think Tim Tebow will be around as long as Brady Quinn was around. Remember Quinn when he was coming out of college? EVERYBODY was talking about how great Quinn was going to be and how the Browns finally found their franchise QB. Draft "experts" were talking about how the Browns did an awesome job of trading up to get him. Everyone was talking about how in 2-3 years, Cleveland's offense was going to be one of the best in the NFL. They were partly correct...... Joe Thomas is probably the best left tackle in the game. If Thomas keeps playing at the level he is now, in 20 years his bust will be talking to the other HOF busts in Canton after the lights get turned off.

    If Quinn keeps playing at the level he's playing at now, he'll be backing up Vince Young in TN in the 2011-2012 season.
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    Good post. I've posted my thoughts on Tebow on other threads, and it's very much the jury is still way out. We all have bias. We're fans, we're supposed to. The important part is, during your argument, you can get someone who completely disagrees with you to look at your point and say, "yea, I can see that". It's good to know that education is working out for you
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    Excellent Post. I cant wait for Timmy to prove everyone wrong. Besides, he has American Christians behind him, like the Jonas Brothers, and they're a hit. Ok, maybe cross out that last sentence. He might go Rothlisberger on us any time.

  7. Brady Quinn is an awful example. Did Tebow throw every 5th ball directly into the ground like Quinn did in college? Tebow will spend time actually working on his game not drinking Myoplex and doing curls in front of the mirror all day like Brady.

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    Tim Tebow will be one of the hardest working players in the NFL. That is why he will be successful. He will need to develop, but he will be a great one.

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    I don't see him being a good Wildcat guy because he isn't that fast but if Denver uses him correctly they could be the best short yardage and red zone team in the league. Just think: its 3rd and 2 and you have Tim Tebow in the shotgun with two backs next to him and 2 receievers on the outside. What do you defend against. He could run the option, throw a slant, run a QB dive and truck your MLB, or he could do my favorite play of all-time which is the jump pass. I will click over to the Bronco game every time they are in the Red Zone just for the hopes that i will a jump pass TD. Then in 2 years he will be the starter and prove everybody wrong.

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    I definitely think Tebow will be able to develop into a very good NFL QB as long as the Broncos manage him correctly.....I dont see him in the wildcat formation and not as a starter right away either.....for thgis year give him a small playbook to that he can perfect look forward to next year and expand on that.....even tho he was a 1st round pick he has alot of mechanical flaws to be worked out prior to being a starter in the league
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