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He may have a great year this season, but to say that Alex Smith is on the same level as Mark Sanchez is just plain wrong. Sanchez has won 4 playoff games in two seasons and has shown obvious progress. Can you really honestly say that Smith is a better QB now than he was 4 years ago?

You are right that Edwards is talented. He is also the owner of an almost legendary set of stonehands. And I believe he is one substance or misdemeanour charge away from a lengthy suspension.

And as a Bills fan let me just say that Donte Whitner spends a lot of time chasing guys instead of hitting them.

Edwards had 1 drop all of last season.

Alex smith compared to Mark Sanchez in 2010 had a higher comp %, more yards per game, more yards per attempt, more tds per game, less total INT's in 5 less games, less fumbles in 5 less games....neither of them are Tom Brady, but as bad as Alex has been there are definitely worse in the league. one of them being mark sanchez.

you obviously arent familiar with dashon goldson. whitner is a MAJOR upgrade. theres a reason why its 2 weeks into FA and goldson cant sniff a contract