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Thread: Human Growth Hormone in Sports

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoBigOrGoHome View Post
    So why direct yor ire at one side? I'm not trying to pick a fight, I honestly do not understand. From what you have said, both the players and owners are greedy bastards. Why choose sides?
    I do not care that they are both greedy. I care that the players appear to have lied thru their teeth about this. The owners have always been on board with making money. They went for the jugular. The players wussied out on everything. For the right amount of money, I think they'd play 30 games a season under incredibly unhealthy conditions. Plus, they sound like idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brauneyz View Post
    From what I recall, the players were adamant about not submitting to that invasion. Voila! Less than a week and it's all bygones.

    My bottom line is that all this crap, the extended negotiations, yada, yada, was always, only, ever about $$$ and could have been dealt with by middle of March. The players want to dope themselves into oblivion and play themselves into early death and destruction, what do I care? At this point, all sides are in the know, and in on the scam. Brauneyz's not falling for that crap anymore, nor spending any $ there.

    Back to my man cave ...
    What choice did the players have?? The whining about HGH in any sport is lame. Really, the whining about any form of performance enhancers in any sport is lame. But, because of Baseball's 'scandal' there's the media/fan desire to have the testing for 'cheaters.'

    So, if the the players hold out on the HGH issue, and the CBA does not get signed, who gets the blame? The owners? No The media? No. The NFLPA. The players eat the blame totally. So, of course they signed even with the provision for testing.

    But, that testing will likely never happen. Why? Because a) Each player can only be tested one time per year. So, if they are using, they can likely cycle past it. b) Because both sides have to agree on the lab used and that the test is actually valid. Since there is currently just one lab that does it, it will be a while before tests can happen.

    Also, on a side note, the players did get significant safety considerations, especially in off season activities. While I do think they gave up more then I liked, I think the CBA, overall, is a good deal for both sides.
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    I wonder if Extenzeâ„¢ is considered a human growth hormone? Goodell might have to fine Jimmy.

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