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Thread: Are the eagles an exception?

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    Are the eagles an exception?

    Due to the eagles free agency bananza, do you think that the new CBA will make it easier for teams to sign alot of free agents or will it allow for talent to be spread across the league? I know the NHL's salary cap is low so teams aren't stacked, is this what the NFL is trying to do?

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    The NFL salary cap is $120M, or about 2.2M per player. Because NFL rosters are so much bigger than other sports, they have the ability to spend a lot more on the top end players and pay backups minimum wage. The Eagles certainly aren't the last team you'll see go on this kind of spending spree, but I doubt it will happen every year. Here's an excellent article on the Eagles spending and the fact that they didn't mortgage the future to get these players:

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    The eagles just happened to be way under the cap ($30 million I think) to begin with. They also seem to be taking advantage of the $3 million you can borrow from future years caps.

    Starting in 2013 when the salary floor is enforced in 2013 it should level the playing field a lot.

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