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Thread: Camp Starts Tomorrow!

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    Camp Starts Tomorrow!

    Camp starts at 2 pm. All the picks have signed as of today so everyones going to be there and ready to go. I am looking forward to seeing who will take the LG spot; Garner or will John Jerry step up and take the spot. I assume Incognito has RG locked up.

    I also want to see how well Clemmons does at Free Safety. I think with his speed and ball skills he should be a lock for it, but if the light doesn't go on, someone else will have to be ready.

    I love this time of year!
    Buckle Dem Chinstraps Primadonnas!

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    I think a huge thing for the Dolphins this year is being ready to play Week 1, a poor start against a front loaded schedule could be to big of a hole to dig out of in this division, 0-2 in 08, 0-3 in 09, must win some early games.

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