Living in Los Angeles typically doesn't detract much from my ability to be a die-hard Eagles fan. I can get every game on TV, listen to WIP online, read all the blogs and watch all the press conferences, I even buy tickets to whatever West Coast team the Birds are playing (49ers on Sunday night this year!).

But I can't easily make my way to Lehigh, and after going for a few years in a row, I really miss the hell out of it! I loved being able to form my own opinions on some of the guys, and found that a first hand look was worth a lot.

So are any of you guys heading out there this year? Any first hand reports you want to deliver to us here at FPL? Hook it up!

A few things I'd want to hear if any of you are going:

  • An honest opinion of how Kolb looks, I know what the coaches are going to say, I want to hear how he looks as the leader of this team.
  • What type of energy does this team have? With youth and inexperience I'd expect to see mental errors, but is the effort there?
  • What unexpected players are making a name for themselves?

No pressure obviously, but I'd love to hear some fan accounts from anyone who's making their way up to camp this year