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Thread: Finish The Sentence: Andy Reid will Win a Super Bowl when__________________

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    McCoy not getting more touches is crazy.
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    I think it was damning for Rodney Harrison to say the Eagles weren't playing with any discipline.

    Sounds like the Iggles brought in talent without any consideration for character. Bad idea, in a sport like football where teamwork is so important.

    Watching DeSean Jackson alligator arm a sure touchdown because he was afraid of getting hit was a sad sight. Not even a touchdown was important enough for him. That team needs an infusion of backbone.

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    Reid's been a good coach for a long time, but surely making Juan Castillo a defensive coordinator must be an example of a coach who has either lost his mind, or is filled with such hubris that he no longer is listening to reason.

    The "Dream Team" has the same record as the Browns and Cardinals.
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