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Thread: Week 1- Baltimore Ravens 35 Pittsburgh Steelers 7-September 11,2011

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    Good day for the Ravens, team should be proud and celebrate, but come Monday/Tuesday, back to business and time to get ready for the Titans. Someone else said it above and I do agree, Flacco looked really confident in the pocket. I was a little worried coming into this game because of our line and new players but I was surprised at how well all the new guys played.

    Pitt still scares me, they will rebound and get the ball rolling soon enough, too many good players on that team for them not too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayFinkle View Post
    Reminded me a lot of the Ravens' 2006 shut-out against the Steelers. This was one of those "when it rains, it pours" games for Pitt.
    Was at that game. Ben was saying after that the Bart Scott sack was the hardest he had ever been hit.

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