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Thread: Which One?: Mayweather or Ortiz?

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    Mayweather is one of the greatest fighters I've ever seen. And I actually think he could beat Pacquaio.

    Just no way in hell I'll be cheering for him.
    “I’ve always been a big fan of Norv Turner. I think he gets it. I think he does an outstanding job.” — Pat Shurmur

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    True, true, and true. I think that's a 50/50 fight. Now they need to get it on, or Floyd needs to go away forever.
    "I'd knock your brains out, then pick them up later."

    -Marion Motley

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    Quote Originally Posted by cml View Post
    The first time they tried to make it. All reports are the second time, Manny agreed to all the testing provisions, and Floyd still would not fight him.

    So now, this is more on Mayweather.
    Well, it's not like we don't know what the testing provisions were. There have been some PED allegations against Pacquiao, and we all know that HGH is pretty hard to test for.
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    The fight re-airs tonight at 9:45 ET on HBO. I don't know if the Larry Merchant Golden Moment will air or not but worth a second look.
    "This Game is Not For the Faint of Heart" --Bill Parcells

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