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  1. Play Calls and Nomenclature


    I want to get a couple of t-shirts printed at the local mall, and in a touch of football-geek-chic, I want them to have play calls on them.

    Now, in my limited playing experience, "32 blast" was about as complex as the playcalls got.

    What I'm after is both a) specific amazing play calls (if anybody knows the fake direct snap to Faulk followed by Welker's TD a couple years ag) e.g 337 roll right blah blah but more importantly b) naming standards

    E.g. how to assemble a playcall based off a play I'd draw up in my mind. using, preferably, the nomenclature used by the Patriots.

    If you help me with the naming standards, you teach me how to fish!

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    The Pats run a variation of the Erhardt-Perkins offense. I'm not too familiar with the play calling, but I think you're going to be disappointed. The offenses with long playcalls are west coast offenses. Those are the ones that are like 11 Green Right Sluggo Fly Curl Double Tango 67. The West Coast flat out says the route in the play. I'm not sure exactly which WR gets what, but there's a method to it. The Erhardt-Perkins o relies on numbers instead of words.

    Here is the most comprehensive bit I found...

    The system uses all kinds of numbers.

    Play calls work like this:

    0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 are base formations -- on even numbers Y is on the right, odd numbers on the left. The numbers denote backfield sets with modifiers;

    0/1 - I-Formation
    2/3 - Far
    6/7 - Split Backs
    8/9 - Near

    40's draws
    50-90 dropback passes
    100 play-action
    200 rollout
    300 bootleg/naked
    400 passes from other positions
    500 screens

    H 40 = draw
    1 On 58 hook = dropback
    Ride 131 Utah = play-action

    1 Out Slot 50 D-Slant Ole

    Y is on the right, out represents the position of F, and slot denotes that the FL and SE are on the same side.

    50 is the protection: 7 man slide with no hots.

    I find most of the play-calls to be packaged in 2/3 man concepts.

    The protection is the most difficult thing for me to grasp, and unlike WCO or Coryell systems, the protection digits vary from team to team. Gailey/Palmer protections are different than Weis, Mularkey, McDaniels, O'Brien etc.

    These are the protections and rules from the Pats:

    50-51 [7 Man Slide] No Hots, No Sight Adjusts, HB = Mike to Force Strong or Weak
    52-53 2 back [6 Man Slide] 2 Strong = Y Hook, HB = Sight Adjust (Flare, Diagonal)
    54-55 3x1 [6 Man Slide] 2 Strong = Y Hook, X = Sight Adjust (WC = Hitch) (WS = Slant)
    56-57 2x2 [6 Man Slide] 2 Strong = Y Hook, #2 WR = Sight Adjust (W/WS = Hook) Hot may be Under (I.E. 56/57 Utah) Expect Mike Recall (2x2)
    58-59 three step [6 Man Slide, Back Dual] Hot built in, Sight Adjust built in

    62-63 2 Strong = Y Hook, X = Sight Adjust (WC = Hitch) (WS = Slant)
    64-65 3x1 five step [6 Man Dual OL Read] 2 Strong = Y Hook, X = Sight Adjust (WC = Hitch) (WS = Slant) Hot may be Under (I.E. 64/65 Under)
    64 Scan Protection Y Hot vs S-M-W Blitz = Hook, X = Sight Adjust (WC = Hitch) (WS = Slant) Can pick up Just 2 Strong with HB
    66-67 2x2 five step [6 Man Dual OL Read] 2 Strong = Y Hook, #2 WR = Sight Adjust (W/WS = Hook)
    68-69 Built in, built in

    72-73 five step [5 Man SLIDE] 1 Back 1 Strong = Built in Hot, Poss: Sight Adjust built in or - #2 Weak off W/WS = Hook, Sight Adjust unlikely to occur, Expect Mike Recall
    74-75 3x2 empty [5 Man SLIDE] 1 Strong = Hook by #3, #2 Weak = Sight adjust (Hook) Sight adjust unlikely to occur, possible Rita/Linda (Or Gap)
    74 Rita-75 Linda 2 Strong = Hook by #3, W/WE = Hook unless built in, Possible Ram/Lion (Or Gap)
    78-79 same rules, line shortens. Built in, built in

    80-81 five step [7 Man Base Solid protection] No hots, X = Sight adjust (Slant/hitch) SA Strong (S/SS) = Z hook, Possible scan by gameplan
    80-81 hot, Will/Weak End = H Hot (Diagonal) SA Strong (S/SS) = Z Hook
    82-83 five step [7 Man Base Solid protection, Backs have flare control] No hots, X = SA Weak (W/WC, W/WS) Y = SA Strong (S/SS) = Diagonal, If Y Detached = Hook

    90-91 three step [7 Man Base Solid protection] No Hots, built in
    92-95 three step 2 back[7 Man Base Solid protection]

    I didn't write that haha. I wish I could say I did. Essentially, you'd set up a play like such...

    A running play would be 0 Ride 36.

    0=I Form
    Ride=A type of run
    6=the hole the RB is running through (in my HS offense that was between LG and C, but it's different in every offense)

    The play calling for passing gets more confusing, I'm not going to try to explain something I don't understand fully. Hopefully with this motivates you to learn what you wanted
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  3. Hah, I'm disappointed already.
    0 Ride 36 is easily understandable to be - because my last team here used the same formation-man-gap-play
    Except we'd have say 0 36 Ride

    So... maybe I should ring Scott O'Brien and just ask
    Or I could use a west coast playcall/

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