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    Trade Question

    Thinking of offering a trade of Newton and one of my RBs (Greene/Mathews/Moreno/D.Thomas) for Chris Johnson. My Other QBs are Romo and Kolb. Would this be a good Idea or should Istick with my team. If it is a good Idea what RB should I offer?

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    Don't know if it's a good idea, but Moreno can't be counted on for a full year, and I suspect the same of Mathews, who also shares carries with Tolbert. Thomas will share for a while, and who knows once the new coach comes to town. I think Greene is the most solid keeper.

    Romo and Kolb are in the two NFC divisions with worst pass defense. They're good to keep, I think. If you could swing that trade for Rice, you'd likely be better off. His receiving yards are too good to pass up. I don't think they'll make the same mistake giving him the ball only 12 times the rest of the year.

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    I'd trade you CJ for Newton and a RB if I were in your league. I have CJ in my footballpros league and he's screwed me two straight weeks, causing me 2 close losses.
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