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Thread: Favre scared of Suh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by illmatc2 View Post
    I'd like to go on record as saying Farve is the Qb I'd most like to see Suh sack. ALOT. That guy has dealt Lions fans alot of long sundays for twenty years.
    Can't wait to see Suh go after that 'sum*****.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    I think that the Lions are going to be respectable this year and Ndamkung Suh is gonna be part of the reason why. I feel like the Lions can go at least 8-8 & they can feel proud of that. Matt Stafford suffered a brutal rookie year but can see his fortunes increase this year. They HAVE to beat division rivals to be relavant and I think they can do it, its just a matter of time.
    "This Game is Not For the Faint of Heart" --Bill Parcells

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    Hmmm. I'm pretty sure Favre hasn't missed a game since I was in high school. And I'm 35 now, so...I'm going to go ahead and conclude he's not scared of anyone.

  4. He is scared of everyone. How many times has he just dumped the ball off or made an awful throw to avoid getting hit?

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    the lions 1st team D looked quite good tonight,Suh pushed a double team backwards,he is a man no doubt
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    The d line and our first units looked good then that lack of depth reared its ugly head. Suprise suprise pittsburgh is deaper than we are.
    "Last year, we gained respect. This year, we want fear." - Ndamukong Suh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by illmatc2 View Post
    Maybe Farve watched that episode of Sports science that featured Suh and thought hmmmmmm this ankle doesn't quite feel right......notice the #
    If you noticed in this video, the dumby is wearing a #4 jersey. Favre is scared!!!

    First win in Minnesota since 1997!

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    That video was awesome. Now I'm scared of Suh.

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    Haha well Farve should be afraid of Suh and every other Dlineman in the league the way his O-Line has protected him so far this year. I mean he's been getting ebat down between his O-Line and his WRs not being able to get open
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    This is your chance Lions. Just watched playbook break down the Lions pass rushing Vick. Wow. Tremendous pressure with four to five guys. If the Vikings line is better than Philly it's not by too much. That's the key for Detroit, get Favre on the ground, 'cuz then bad things happen to the Vikings. Bad things.

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