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Thread: Favre scared of Suh?

  1. Favre scared of Suh?

    Is it any coincidence that on the day Suh signs his deal with the Lions Favre retires?

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    I dunno aout scared. Favre may have been disgusted that Suh made more money in signing bonus than Farve made in his first 10 years in the league though.

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    First there were rumors, now there's conspiracy theories. WHEN WILL IT END FAVRE!
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    laughable,I doubt it.But as another said,the fact that hes getting 40 mil guaranteed would make lots of vets throw their hands up
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    Maybe Farve watched that episode of Sports science that featured Suh and thought hmmmmmm this ankle doesn't quite feel right......notice the #
    "Last year, we gained respect. This year, we want fear." - Ndamukong Suh.

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    Reports out of Lions camp say that Suh is being manhandled by the vets. It might take awhile for the big man to get his NFL legs.

    That video is awesome.
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    Suh will be fine. Mighht take him a few games to get used to the NFL but this guy is going to be a solid player to anchor that D-line.

    Lions are winning the Super Bowl in 5 years.

  8. 5 years? Are you serious? They have the most dominating defensive force in the history of the league and that's on top of having Megatron on offense, they will be going for their 2nd or 3rd title by then. Has there ever been a rookie people are more excited to see than Suh? It's like Strasburg fever.

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    Suh IS on record saying that Favre is the QB he'd most like to sack...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StaggerMcTipsy View Post
    Suh IS on record saying that Favre is the QB he'd most like to sack...
    I'd like to go on record as saying Farve is the Qb I'd most like to see Suh sack. ALOT. That guy has dealt Lions fans alot of long sundays for twenty years.
    "Last year, we gained respect. This year, we want fear." - Ndamukong Suh.

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