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Thread: Some (Amateur) Thoughts from Training Camp

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    Some (Amateur) Thoughts from Training Camp

    I went to both practices on Tuesday and figured I'd share some thoughts/observations. Please take them with a grain of salt as I didn't always have a great view and wasn't watching all the action and probably don't know what I'm talking about half the time.

    -JPP was much more physically impressive looking in person. I won't pretend to know how well he did in the drills and whatnot, but when I first saw him walk by I was shocked. I expected him to be a lot weaker looking compared to the other D-Linemen.

    -Aaron Ross looked fantastic to me. Had one awesome interception and a few other passes defensed.

    -However, T. Thomas was just as good... dare I say that CB could be a strength? As long as everyone stays healthy. God I hate saying that.

    -I didn't see the Nicks injury happen, nor did I even know about it until I read about it today. He walked right by me after the second practice and I didn't notice a limp (but I wasn't looking for it either)

    -I saw Barden make several nice catches, always with his hands extended from his body. However I also saw him get jammed pretty easily.

    -Steve Smith is really good. He broke my ankles while running routes and I was just standing there.

    -Eli had at least 2 deep ball that he severely under threw, one to Smith and I think the other was to Nicks.

    -Sorgi looked capable, although he has the thinnest legs I've ever seen on a football player.

    -Andre Brown looked really good to me. I saw some really nice cuts from him.

    -Boss looked slower than I remember. I wonder if the hits/injuries are adding up.

    -After the second practice, 2 Giants (who I'll keep anonymous) came into the convenience store that I had just gone into. While I was in line, they were buying a bunch of chewing tobacco and my buddy asked them about it and one said "half the team chews it". I found that surprising.

    If I think of any more tidbits I'll add them later.

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    Thanks for the observations; keep 'em coming! Any thoughts on the linebacking corps?

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    Seemed like some good observations. Of course, the way you talked 'em down might have made them look better than they were! LOL!

    "She looked pretty to me, 'course I'm blind in one eye and got a sty in the other so they all look good to me."

    I don't know much about the giants, but it seems like a return to dominance by Bullock could be huge. did you see him at all? What's the skinny, APierce is hard to replace.

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    Bulluck seemed healthy from what I could tell, and he was getting a lot of "welcome to NY" yells from the crowd. However, I think Goff was playing at MLB with the first unit that day.

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    God im scared of the Giants this year.

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