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Thread: Rams' Train Wreck - When Will It End?

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    Rams' Train Wreck - When Will It End?

    I am a Steelers fan and I live in Saint Louis, MO. So I have had a front row seat to the train wreck that is the Rams season so far. The Rams can go ahead and buy those January 2012 cruise tickets because they won't be playing in the postseason.

    I see several factors combining to create this mess:
    -Failure to upgrade their secondary in the offseason - they were too thin at CB to begin with, and when injuries hit, it came back to haunt them (and the Rams allowed ball-hawking Safety O. Atogwe to sign with the Redskins)

    -Failure to draft/sign a WR with outside-the-hashmarks speed. They were apparently hoping that Donnie Avery would fill that role but he was cut prior to the season (Avery just signed with the Titans). Avery was not the answer to this need-he is a china doll (always hurt).

    -Coaching is less than adequate, in all phases. The punter is the Rams MVP so far. Why did they not adjust the coverage after the first Torrey Smith TD? It was obvious that King could not cover Smith by himself. Lack of in-game adjustments has killed them. Coach Spags said they were 'not prepared' for the Ravens-pathetic.

    -Regression by Bradford-granted, he has not had enough pass blocking, but when under duress in the pocket, he does not throw nearly as well. Off Coor McDaniels should emphasize short, quick passes and put more designed bootlegs into the offense (Bradford throws well on the run), as well as using 'max protect' line schemes more often, if not all the time. Bradford needs to throw the ball away when nothing is open, instead of getting sacked/hit.

    Coach Spags needs to right the ship very quickly, or he is likely gone after this season. For a team that is spending close to the top of the salary cap, the Rams should be playing better. Not saying they should be 3-0 but it seems each game, they are playing worse-they are getting embarrassed. Spags is finishing year 3 of a 4 year deal so it would not cost a huge amount to change the Head Coach. I like Spagnolou, he is an even-keeled guy who has the respect of his players, but as Herm Edwards once said 'you play to win the game'.

    I will predict that any record of less than .500 will likely result in a coaching change, and maybe a change of the GM as well. Most of the Linehan players are gone-these are all players picked by Spags and Devaney.

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    Brutal schedule + heightened expectations. If they can hold on until they get some NFC west gsmes they might turn it around yet
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    The schedule-makers absolutely hammered the Rams. Eagles, Giants, Ravens, Skins, Packers, Cowboys, Saints to open the year? They also have the Steelers late, but he second half of the schedule is as manageable as the first have is brutal, with all of their divisional games coming after week 8.
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    It's a tough schedule, to be sure, but the Rams just looked horrible in every possible way against the Giants. Judging by the score (we don't see the Rams much around here) they looked even worse against the Ravens. If they get Stephen Jackson back against the Redskins it may help, but I still think it's a long, long season ahead for STL.

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