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Thread: Glaring Concerns?

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    Glaring Concerns?

    Coming into the 2010 season there are a few concerns that may have not been addressed to the level that some felt necessary. My own thoughts were the offensive line needed some serious attention while the secondary could use a few extra hands. Entering training camp, both still remain wholly unresolved but reports have reason for optimism. What are your thoughts about the holes in the Eagles game plan at the line, secondary, or elsewhere?
    [I]"Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do, but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're not talking about the game, we're talking about practice."[/I]

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    I've heard good things out of training camp from the interior line and for Justice, despite a few penalties in scrimmages, but who knows how much to take away from that. Still not entirely sold on Hobbes or Allen as starting in the secondary, and the thought of Harris back there is not a security blanket for me either. Any thoughts or musings about the current situation?
    [I]"Now I know that I'm supposed to lead by example and all that but I'm not shoving that aside like it don't mean anything. I know it's important, I honestly do, but we're talking about practice. We're talking about practice man. We're not talking about the game, we're talking about practice."[/I]

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    Secondary - With a rookie (Nate Allen) as one projected starter, and a question mark at right corner, this is probably my biggest concern. They gave up a lot of big plays last year, and got carved up by just about any quality QB they faced. Hopefully McDermott gets a little more comfortable in his 2nd year, the d-line can up the pressure, and some of our young guys step up their game a bit, or else I could see this team giving up a lot of points.
    Running Backs - News out of camp is that Shady Mccoy looks very good. He's a bit quicker, a bit stronger, and he's even holding the ball a little higher and tighter as he hits the line. If this improvement shows up on the field RBs will cease to be a concern, as I like Mike Bell and of course Weaver brings a load. However, I think we were all spoiled for years with Westbrook. Mccoy won't be able to match his productivity (and we shouldn't expect him to), so our RB situation is just a little weaker than it was over the past few years with Westy.
    Center From what I've read, it sounds like Nick Cole still can't snap the ball in the shotgun. And from what we saw out of him in the center position last year, I sincerely hope that Jamaal Jackson is on the speedy path to recovery that we're hearing about.
    QB I think Kolb is legit, I think he's got the ability to be a top flight QB and should keep this offense firing on all cylinders. But being objective, we've got 85 throws that Kolb has made as a starter, we've got reports from camp, and we've got a few preseason games. Kolb is still an unknown, and how he performs in a 16 game season has got to be THE big concern going into this season. If he doesn't have "it" (or god forbid if he gets hurt) there's no way this offense runs with the Mike Vick throwing darts 10 yards over his receiver's heads.

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    I know that no fan ever wants to hear the word rebuilding, and I don't think it really applies to the '10 Eagles, but I really think that anything they do this year is just sort of a bonus. They have a talented group of skill position players unmatched in recent or even distant memory. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, Kevin Kolb are all 25 or younger. I think they will be a good but not great team this year, but will gel over the next few years and should have a 5-7 year window (assuming they are able to keep them all signed). I loved the timing of the McNabb trade for exactly that reason, these guys are the future, might as well get the 1 or 2 year adjustment period out of the way now.

    Also, you forgot to mention their primary off-season goal, to collect as many DEs as they could find, despite already having one of the best in the business in Trent Cole.

  5. What concerns?

    There is really no need to manufacture concerns. Last year, the Eagles went 11-5.

    On Defense: The team was amoung lead leaders in sacks and interceptions; however, they gave up an uncomfortable amount of big plays and they were not as effective against the run as in past years. The team needed to do a better job against tight-ends and get more pass rush from front four. What was done about it? Based on the following there is no reason to see a step back for the defense. The opposite is more likely.

    1. Shawn Bradley returned;
    2. Hobbs returned
    2. D Tapp and Ernie Simms added;
    3. Nine draft picks to address various elements:
    Graham (DE -Pass Rush)
    Allen (S - Coverage)
    Teo (DE/DT - Pass Rush)
    Lindley (CB -Coverage)
    Chaney (LB -Coverage)
    Sapp (DE -Pass Rush)
    Owens (Run Support)
    Clayton (LB -Coverage)
    Coleman (S-Coverage)

    On offense, the team broke team offensive records with over 420 points in the season. There was concern about an over-reliance on the big play and the team needed to do a better job in short yardage. The skill positions on the offense is impressive and will be one year better this year. Additional changes:

    1. Change at QB - Improved offensive efficiency. Due to respect for McNabb, there is not need to go in to his subtle but fundamental short-comings.
    2. A Healthy Stacy Andrews
    3. Influx of more impressive young skilled positions
    Harbor (TE)
    Riley (WR)
    Scott (RB)
    4. Improved Michael Vick
    5. Return of Ingram (TE) from injury
    6. Addition of Kelly Washington (WR/ST)
    7. 2nd year in the system for Vets: J Peters and L. Weaver

    Finally, Andy Reid has always focused on the Offensive Line and there is more depth there than people are giving credit for. With 13 draft picks, none was used on the offensive line. This is a clear indication of the team's feelings about the OL. Based on the changes on offense, there is no reason for a step back.
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