Yeah, yeah, I skipped week 3. Can you blame me? That snooze-fest against the Bengals left me so bored I couldn't be bothered to post.

Now this week, on the other hand, now this week is fun. A 20 point comeback in the second half against the dream team? Three sacks on the dog-killer? Knocking two key Eagles out of the game? Gimme gimme.

The Good
The run defense: yep, they let Mike Vick get 75 yards but that is what Mike does (when he isn't strangling puppies). LeSean McCoy? 18 yards on 9 carries. He had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Navarro Bowman owned Shady.

The red zone defense: The 49ers gave up plenty between the 20's but stiffened in the red zone. In seven trips to the red zone the Eagles got 2 TDs, 2 FGs and a turnover.

Carlos Rogers: For the first time in 8 years the 49ers have a real cornerback.

The second half offense: The return of the forward pass! I thought it had been eradicated in San Francisco but there it was with over 200 yards in the second half.

Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter: I did not like these picks at draft time. Man was I wrong.

The final, clock killing drive: Frank Gore, up the gut 5 times in a row when the Eagles knew it was coming for 26 yards and two first downs to seal the game. Dream about that.

The boos from Lincoln Field: let's be honest, it doesn't take much to get Philadelphians to boo. But damn wasn't it sweet to hear the boos rain down in the 4th quarter?

The Bad
The first half offense: Egads. That was bad. The offensive line got penalty after penalty, Alex Smith couldn't hit the ocean with a pass and the one decent drive ended with a missed field goal. Three of five drives were 3 and out.

Alex Smith imitates Jim Everett: On the SF 28 Alex feels the rush before it gets to him, goes fetal and drops the ball without being touched. Philadelphia recovers at the SF 23 and scores two plays later.

Containing Mike Vick: 49ers ends kept losing contain on their pass rush and allowing Vick to escape outside.

and the 49ers
Ronnie Brown: yeah, he's an Eagle but his bizarre fumble at the 1 yard line has to be included here.

The offensive line: the penalties, god the penalties. Do they take turns false starting?

Blocked FG: Dunlap ignored the protection and walked through to blocked an Akers' attempt. Aldon Smith's quick reaction and hustle probably saved a touchdown.

DeSean Jackson: strutting and taunting after a 19 yard reception in the 3rd quarter. Knocked out of the game 3 plays later. Poor form from a Cal Bear.

Irrational Exuberance: Before we get too high on the 49ers we need to recognize a few facts. The offense is in the bottom 10 of the league and the only reason they are 3-1 is the top 10 defense, special teams and a creampuff schedule. The opponents so far have a combined record of 6-10. Over the next four games the opponents currently have a combined 12-4 record. If the 49ers can reach mid-season with a 4-4 record we should count ourselves fortunate.

Those of you putting the 49ers in the Top 10 (you know who you are) will be hopping off the bandwagon quickly over the next few weeks.