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Thread: Teams besides the Giants you love to watch

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    Dude give fantasy football a try its pretty awesome. Makes games that you normally wouldn't care about a lot more interesting if you have a player on the team.
    Well, that's what I was trying to convey in my last post -- I care about EVERY game, at least a little. But I've given it some thought, and decided that if it was JAX v. KC in the last game of the year and both teams were winless and it was an even line, that's the one scenario where I probably wouldn't care about the outcome.

    As for the Fantasy Football stuff, I just flat-out don't have time for it and unless I can make some serious money off it I'd rather spend my down time in the mountains or in bed.

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    Thats fine everybody has their own hobbies. But i bet you would care about that JAX vs. KC game if you had Maurice Jones-Drew on your fantasy team and was in the championship. haha

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    Point taken, although I DO have my form of fantasy football. It's called "gambling."

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