Yeah, Arians did all he could to keep Jax in the game. They set up the deep ball very well in the first half, but as soon as it works once, they feel they need to exploit it between 7 and 25 times the rest of the game. So even though Jax couldn't stop the run, and was giving up 10 to 15 yards every single time they got Ward or Miller involved, they decided they wanted to score on every play. He's like the poor man's Mike Martz, which is interesting, because the Steelers line is like the Bears line right before they hit a foreclosure. They've played better, but the playcalling up 17 was totally inexcusible.

Defense looked explosive at times again, although once again there was a lack of turnovers (very concerning at this point), and the Jax running game had more success than the Steelers should be allowing (beyond a concern at this point).

If they want to beat the big boys, the Steelers are now a team that needs to start scoring 28+ points on a consistent basis. They have the pieces in place to make that happen. They had their opportunities in a game they completely dominated, so a 17-13 score was disappointing to say the least. Could have been at least 31-13.