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Thread: UFL Championship

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    UFL Championship


    Marty Schottenheimer's Virginia Destroyers beat Turk's Las Vegas Locomotives 17-3 to win the UFL Championship. Yeah, I know Fassel is the HC of the Locos, but Turk is the guy we actually care about.

    Personally, I'm guessing Fassel didn't allow enough Turk Talk™. Otherwise there's no way a Schottenheimer coached team has success in the playoffs.,4112294.story

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    Marty Schottenheimer won a playoff game?

    Gotta be a typo.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    Does this mean Turk can come out and play now?

    Seriously Turk, you are so missed here. Good luck with whatever comes next.

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    I never got the opportunity to see Turk come back so I can nerd out, please?
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