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Thread: The Good, the Bad, and the 49ers - Week 10

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    The Good, the Bad, and the 49ers - Week 10

    Well that was a heck of a game. I expected a 13-10 slugfest and instead we got an aerial show from both teams. The Giants stacked the line and dared Alex Smith to beat them. And Alex... well, Alex tied them. David Akers beat them.

    The transformation of Alex Smith this year is amazing. He is a top 10 QB in nearly every statistic other than total yards and 3rd down conversions. If he had merely ascended to "average" it would have been remarkable. He has somehow even made it to "above-"average".

    For reference, this is the Alex Smith of years past:

    Whatever Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman and Jeep Cryst are doing should be bottled and sold. Joey Harrington would pay a fortune for it.

    The Good
    • As mentioned above, Alex Smith. He made some great throws and his stats would have been better without some big drops and Ted Ginn Jr. being Ted Ginn Jr.
    • Kendall Hunter - just look at the little guy go!
    • Justin Smith - he never, ever quits. All motor, all the time.
    • Pattrick Willis and NaVarro Bowman - they are so good that it's almost boring. You just expect them to destroy opponents' running games. Giants: 29 attempts, 93 yards, 3.2 YPC. The 49ers have not allowed a 100 yard rusher in 31 games and they have not allowed a rushing TD all year.
    • Vernon Davis - that leap into the endzone turned a 1st and Goal into a TD
    • Carlos Rogers - the guy who had a reputation for bad hands now leads the NFL in interceptions (5)
    • David Akers and Andy Lee - Has Akers missed this year? The guy has made us all forget Joe Nedney who was a very popular player. Andy Lee may be the best in the league at flipping field position.

    The Bad
    • QB Rating
      Alex Smith: 19/30, 242 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT, 85.7 QBR.
      Tim Tebow: 2/8, 69 yds, 1 TD, 102.6 QBR
      If that doesn't show how absolutely useless the QBR stat is I don't know what will.
    • Ted Ginn Jr. - when the ball hits you between the 1 and the 9 you catch it! ummkay? This is football, not volleyball.
    • Time of Possesion: Howard Cossell called ToP the most meaningless stat in football. Howard never played defensive line. The Giants had the ball 35 minutes compared to the 49ers 25 and it showed in the 4th quarter. The DL was gassed enough that Harbaugh used a challenge to give them a rest.
    • 4th down defense - the Giants converted two long 4th downs on their final drive. Grrrr.

    and the 49ers
    • There really wasn't much ugly about this game. The 49ers' coaches expected the Giants to shut down the run and they adapted. The Giants expected a power running game and never adjusted. You don't see Tom Coughlin get out-coached very often.
    • I suppose Michael Crabtree's performance could be considered ugly. He didn't have any really bad plays but he missed his chance to make two really good plays. They weren't easy plays, but to quote Cris Collinsworth, they were championship plays. Crabs missed them both.
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    I envy you your Justin Smith.

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    I've been a fan of Akers ever since he kicked that game winner with the torn hammy against the Raiduhs. That scored some serious man points in my book. Not to gush over a kicker but I root for a team that won a SB in spite of Mike Cofer's efforts.

    I thought the defense was exposed a little bit in their ability to stop the pass. Granted, Eli has been playing great recently but he's not Rodgers or Brees or Brady, either. Does anyone else think that Peyton is acting as his personal QB coach during the week?

    Great win. 8 wins takes the division and they've accomplished that with only 1 divisional game played. It's crazy to say but the rest of the year is about trying to hold onto the #2 seed and hoping that the Packers stumble and they have a chance at the #1 seed. Crazy. But I've also seen the Rams and Saints hoist the Lombardi trophy and the Cardinals almost do the same.

    I love how the ball bounces off of Smith's helmet at the end...ahh...the bad old days.
    If the 49'ers success offends be it.

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    I like the new, non-Simpletary sig Hoser

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