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Thread: Ndamukong Suh - Stupid and overrated?

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    Ndamukong Suh - Stupid and overrated?

    What Ndamukong Suh did today was clearly stupid and hurt his team. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, you can see the play here. Basically, Suh hits Dietrich-Smith's head to the turf three times after a nasty but legal block, and then decided to stomp on him after getting up.

    Suh will undoubtedly face discipline for this. And that discipline will be severe, especially so because Suh was absolutely unapologetic about what happened. He refused to apologize and worse yet: he refused to own his actions, making up nonsense excuses about why he stomped on a guard. That, to me, is absolutely inexcusable. If he had said something like "I was riled up and made a stupid mistake. I apologize, and I will not allow this to happen again." then I could probably understand him a little. But what he said in his post-game interview bordered on the delusional.

    This isn't the first time Suh has hurt his team with penalties. He has two roughing the passer penalties, three unnecessary roughness penalties, one horse collar tackle penalty, two face mask penalties, one personal foul penalty and one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in his career. His sixteen penalties over the past two years are second on the team, behind Corey Williams - but Williams almost exclusively committed encroachment and offside penalties, only one of the personal foul/unnecessary roughness etc variety. Those penalties are unnecessary, stupid and hurt the team - but he keeps committing them. And until today, people defended that as being "passionate" - but to me, it's unprofessional.

    To make matters worse, Suh has not been the force he was last year. He has three sacks through 11 games now, and hasn't really been disruptive. In the games I've seen he was essentially a non-factor, which is disappointing after an impressive rookie season (although I felt like the hype was getting a bit much - some people were comparing him to Reggie White and Mean Joe Greene). Opponents have been able to exploit his focus on getting upfield in the run game with traps and draws, undoubtedly one of the reasons why the Lions brought in Stephen Tulloch.

    So what are we left with? A pretty good defensive tackle who could be better, is focused on getting in the backfield at all costs and has a reputation for being dirty while hurting his team with stupid penalties.

    Albert Haynesworth?
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    he's not overrated, but you certainly can't say he's not dirty anymore.

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    The explanation he gave afterward made him look even worse. Instead of his head coach condoning this type of behavior and making excuses in the past he should take a stand and show his team that it's fine to be tough, but not stupid. Although I don't expect anything like that out of Schwartz.

    Not even talking about the "handshake" from earlier in the season, Jim Schwartz has shown what kind of hot head and poor sportsman he is the past few seasons. Just look at him acting like an ass on the sideline during the Cowboys game. This kind of behavior comes from the top down. This is not the time and place for "bad boys", this isn't the 70's or 80's. The league and officials are not going to put up with it and I expect them o make an example out of Suh.
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    Wow. That was almost Hanesworth bad.
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    The scary part is that I don't think he realizes the big picture. What he did was dumb, sure. But on what level? I'll say an 8 out of 10. First of all, they are in the wild card chase, with their division rival tied with them for the wild card lead. Secondly, they are in the middle of a tightly contested game with a team (let's just speak from a numbers standpoint, we all know GB will win the division) that they would have been 2 games in back of had they won said game. So getting thrown out of the game ALONE would be a large mistake. Third, the NFL needs this guy. He's young, exciting, fun to watch, but absolutely unmarketable if he continues to take part in acts of malice and ignorance like this.
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  6. He is not overrated in terms of what he brings to the table physically. His problem is mental. He loses control and is in denial about it. Believe me every OL in the NFL will do everything possible to get under his skin.....get him out of his game. He continues to hurt his team and now he will miss some games as a result of his actions.

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    How quickly we forget the impact Suh has made to this Detroit team. Do I support Suh's latest actions? Absolutely not. Would I still want him a part of my team? No doubt about it. Could he have "anger problems"? Who knows, but give me a defensive lineman that plays "angry" anyday of the week, just quit playing after the whistle blows. To me, a suspension would probably do Suh some good for the immediate and long term future.

    All I know is that Mean Joe Greene went through the same problems, even in the middle of his career, and "earned" his nickname during a time when it was encouraged to play dirty (at least MUCH dirtier than today's game). Now, Greene is perhaps one of the most revered football players to ever play the game, as evident by his #13 ranking on the's All-Time list.

    Mean Joe Greene spit in Dick Butkus' face, and even kicked Bob McKay in the groin during a game in his 6th year in the league. I think all of these "Haynesworth comparisons" are off base because Haynesworth's teammates don't exactly like the dude, whereas Suh's teammates, much like Mean Joe Greene's teammates, love playing with the guy.

    Stomping on a guy's helmetless head after a play is over is WAY different than getting into a fight with and offensive lineman after the play is over.

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    The problem is that Suh plays angry, but doesn't have an off switch. He can't determine when to stop being angry and hurts the team more than the opponent. Yeah, getting your arm stomped on hurts, but he'll be fine. Suh, however, could miss a few games (sources are saying it will be a multi-game suspension), so all he accomplished was hurting his own team, not the Packers G. Stupid isn't even the word for Suh.
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    Yes it was stupid because it did hurt his team. I was extremely glad that he was kicked out because Detroit was hitting Aaron Rodgers a few more times than I'd prefer. But you can't have it both ways. Suh plays that way because it's all he knows. You guys don't seem to understand this.

    I compare it to Axl Rose. Guns N' Roses would've never reached their popularity if it wasn't for Axl Rose. BUT, they never would've flamed out so quickly if it wasn't for Axl Rose. You gotta take the good with the bad.

    Could Suh alter his behavior in the future? No doubt about it, but will he be the same player? Only time will tell.

    Your logic seems to be "Well, all he has to do is not be so angry" (or something to that affect), but things don't always work that way. Suh is great because he plays with great passion (anger). Now you want to take that away from him? Take away Brad Pitt's looks and all you have is a horrible actor that probably wouldn't sell any movie tickets.
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    Axl Rose looks like a melted candle.
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