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  1. 3 Predictions for the 2012 NFL Season

    With the 2012 season coming up and training camp a few weeks away, it’s time to get the talk machine rolling again. Over the past few days/weeks/months, I have been thinking of writing “12 Predictions for the ’12 Season” for this site as a blog entry. I ran through it recently, though, and realized I can’t come up with 12 compelling blurbs. So then I thought about just doing 8 – one for each division. That didn’t work so well, either. Finally, I looked at what I had and saw that ...
  2. Trader Bud's Goof Emporium

    The Annual Podcast That Looks at All the Things Baseball Does Wrong.

    1. Introduction (0-10)

    2. MLB and Instant Replay (11-18)

    3. MLB and the All-Star Game (19-30)

    4. MLB and the Schedule (30-35)

    5. MLB and the Playoffs (35-42)

    6. MLB and Marketing (43-47)

  3. Pacman is MAKING IT RAIN again...

    Quote Originally Posted by packa7x View Post
    He started changing after leaving several lives in shambles. I'm sure he's a great guy now and regrets his decisions, but I'm not about to crown him a model citizen yet.
    I have no problem not crowning him a model citizen. I have no problem with people disliking him. I have no problem with him having to pay the money. He should. But I do have a problem with people making judgments about a person, acting like they are still scum (when all reports say he has changed. Even a pro on ...
  4. They're Everywhere, Man

    Busy Sports Week Needed an Emergency Podcast with Blots

    1. Intro

    2. US Open (0-11)

    3. Rome v. Stern (12-25)

    4. NBA Finals (26-34)

    5. Sandusky Trial (35-45)

    6. Truth About Lance and Sports and PEDs (46-1:05)

    7. Model American (1:05-1:10)

  5. Around the World in 80 Minutes

    Blots is on as we Discuss:

    1. Intro

    2. NHL Stanley Cup and How to Win One (0-15)

    3. NBA Playoffs, An Ode to Pops, Durant (15-35)

    4. MLB Injuries, Josh Hamilton, AL Central (35- 1:05)

    5. Last NFL Draft Thoughts (1:05-1:15)

    6. Model American


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