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  1. Mark Cuban will Fail

    I like Mark Cuban a lot. I think he brings Marketing and business savvy that most owners somehow leave at the curb when they buy a team.

    But Mark's new venture is doomed. You can see it in his two posts on his blog. Dec. 17 and Dec. 18 posts.

    First one starts out full of enthusiasm. Second one is retrenching.

    The BCS equation is simple. Remember 3 numbers and you have it mastered. 750, 145, and 650. ...
  2. Week #17 - Bill Simmons is THE Stoy

    Bill Simmons............30 - 14........9 - 5
    Randall the Handle...19 - 10........5 - 4
    Cousin Sal...............19 - 11........5 - 4
    Football Outsiders....15 - 21........4 - 6

    Jimmy Johnson........23 - 20
    Frank Caliendo........18 - 17

    Not only does Bill Simmons lead the Swami Subjective Scoring System (SSSS) through 3 weeks but he has jumped into the top 10 of ...
  3. Running Backs, the complete edition

    So, week 16 is done, and now we know pretty much who the ebst RBs are out there. Let's see what my constantly updated IRE says:

    1 Brandon Jacobs, RB The beast is back. A TD machine, but also somehow busting those big 20+ yarders again.
    2 Danny Woodhead, RB He's more than a gimmick. His efficenicy is off the charts. No fumbles, plenty of TD per attempt, and a whopping 5.6 YPA. It helps when it's Brady audibling to him.
    3 Michael Vick, QB As expected, Mike VIck ...
  4. Passionot

    My Christmas was boring. I worked Christmas Eve, and I laid around all day today. I have a small family, so I didn't miss much, but I will say I didn't care about it either way this year. I know that my passion for sports has declined as well. Sure, I still get teary eyed once in a while, but rarely do I care about losing anymore. Winning, sure, is still great. If the Bears lose in the playoffs, I don't think I'll miss a beat. This comes 4 years after I sat in my friend's basement and just cried ...
  5. 1 Simple Rule to fix the NCAA - The High School Draft

    I was asked recently what I would do to fix the NCAA. I said I didn't have a solution. I do now.

    As best as I can tell from the outside the NCAA rules seem to be grouped into 3 types.

    1) Recruiting violations.

    2) Things to prevent athletes, once at school, from cashing in on their fame.

    3) Things to keep athletes away from agents and their ilk.

    #1 seem to be concerned with keeping a level ...