• 2015 Playoff Picture after Week 14

    Three weeks to go. There was a lot of upheveal this week, especially in the AFC. One benefit we have is that the AFC and NFC current wildcard teams are 8-5. That means, if they lose out, they are 8-8. In turn, that means if a team cannot get to 8-8, they have no chance at all of making the Wildcard round. This will knock a few teams out of the running.



    New England: The Patriots became the first AFC team to get a playoff spot. Our win over Houston gave us the AFC East. The losses by Denver and Cincy put us back on top in the seeding race (and gave both of those teams conference losses). With the injury to Devon McCourty not being season ending, the Patriots are in good shape to make another deep playoff run.

    We are currently the #1 seed and would have a first round bye.

    New York: The Jets held serve. They got an impressive win of their own, and kept hold of the #6 seed. However, the Jets have a problem. If KC, Pittsburgh, and the Jets all win out, the Steelers steal the 6 seed from the Jets. As a result, the Jets do not control their own destiny.

    That said, they are currently the #6 seed and would go to Denver.

    Buffalo: The Bills had a lot of chances at Philly. However, the early season Bills showed up. 15 accepted penalties were a major factor in a 3 point game. The return of the lack of discipline that cost them at the start of the year likely knocked them out of the playoffs.

    Miami: Miami's Monday night loss put them almost out. One more loss dooms them, and even if they win out, the odds on making the playoffs are super low. However, super low is not zero, so we are not yet saying goodbye to the fish.


    Cincinnati: The Bengals loss hurt a lot less than the injuries to Andy Dalton and Tyler Eifert. I'm hoping that both players can get back by the playoffs, I'd like to see this Cincy team have a legit shot at a Super Bowl run. That said, AJ McCarron was impressive and he seems to have the right attitude. I'm not writing Cincy off.

    The Bengals are currently the #2 seed and would have a bye.

    Pittsburgh: The Steelers had another very impressive win. They are just two games behind the Bengals with three to go. That means they can still find a way to take the division. They have Denver this week. Can they beat 3 division leaders in 3 weeks?

    Baltimore: It's time to say goodbye to Baltimore.


    Indianapolis: The Colts we destroyed by the Jaguars! Losing 45-10 to Ben and Steelers is embarrassing, but understandable. Letting the Jags put 51 on you, though, that's humiliating. Hasselbeck is hurt, Luck may not be back this season, and it looks like Charlie Whitehurst will be playing when JJ Watt and company come to town. Karma is funny isn't it?

    At the moment, they are the #4 seed and would host Kansas City.

    Houston: Houston (happily from my perspective) blew a chance to secure a division lead. But, they get another chance. If they can beat Indy this week, they'll be in first in the AFC South.

    Could we see another Bengals - Texans January game? It's possible.

    Jacksonville: The Jags are only one game back. The Jags are only one game back. It's not at all far fetched to imagine them in the playoffs. Indy has the Texans, Miami and the Titans. Houston has the Colts, Titans, and Jags. Jacksonville has the Falcons, Saints, and Texans. It's not impossible for the Texans vs Jags game to be for the AFC South crown!

    Tennessee: It's time to say goodbye to Tennessee.


    Denver: Denver held Oakland to Negative 11 first half yards and yet only scored 12 points. Oakland came back, tried to lose, and failed. Terrible loss for Denver, and only a week after the struggle with the Chargers. Denver is looking vulnerable.

    They are currently the #3 seed and would host the Jets.

    Kansas City: Kansas City is in even better shape this week. They are only two behind Denver, with the Broncos having the Steelers and Bengals over the next two. We could go into week 17 with them tied for the AFC West lead.

    They are currently the #5 seed and would play at Indianapolis.

    Oakland: Oakland's win kept their slim playoff hopes alive.

    San Diego: It's time to say goodbye to San Diego.



    Washington: Washington did what they had to do. Win out and they are in.

    They are currently the NFC #4 seed and would host Seattle.

    New York: The Giants beat Miami late and kept themselves in the hunt. Philly has the tiebreaker over them for now, but the two teams meet in Week 17.

    Philadelphia: Philly's win kept them at the #9 seed. Everything I said for the Giants applies to them as well.

    Dallas: Dallas is on life support. They cannot make the wildcard round. But, with three games left, they are only two back. A loss to the Jets this week knocks them out.


    The NFC North has stayed very interesting.

    Green Bay: Green Bay took down Dallas and made it's hold on the AFC North a little more secure.

    They are currently the #3 seed and would host Minnesota. If that happened, the Vikings would have back to back games at Lambeau.

    Minnesota: The Vikings played better against Arizona but still lost. They're in good shape for the playoffs, as the NFC is less competitive for the wildcard spots than the AFC.

    They are currently the #6 seed and would travel to Green Bay.

    Chicago: The Bears have slim hopes. One more loss and they are out.

    Detroit: It's time to say goodbye to the Lions.


    Carolina: Carolina has a first round bye. They need two wins, or one win and one Arizona loss, for home field throughout the NFC playoffs.

    Carolina is currently the NFC 1 seed.

    Atlanta: The Falcons were torn up by Carolina. While they are still alive, techincally, I don't see them winning again this season.

    Tampa Bay: Tampa blew it. They could have stayed within a game, but the loss dropped them two behind Seattle and Minnesota. It was very costly.

    New Orleans: The Saints have slim hopes. One more loss and they are out.


    The NFC West is Arizona's division.

    Arizona: The Cardinals are in. Arizona needs a wins, or a Seattle loss, to claim the West.

    Arizona is currently the NFC 2 seed.

    Seattle: Seattle jumped past Minnesota with an impressive win. The two time defending NFC Champs are waking up and will be dangerous.

    They are currently the NFC 5 seed and would go to Washington.

    St. Louis: The Rams have slim hopes. One more loss and they are out.

    San Francisco: It's time to say goodbye to the 49ers