• Patriots - Week Two

    Well, it's never fun when your team manages to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but we pulled it off. I wouldn't call it an upset, IMO, division games can never be upsets. And, I have to credit Captain Checkdown with a fine game. But, the Jets didn't do much to beat us - we did that ourselves. Here's my thoughts towards the loss:

    Officiating - 10 percent. For the most part Hochuli and his crew did thier normal fine job. But, there were some gaffes. Before the Jets go ahead drive, we punted and they hit our punter. No flag. The one had me ranting as the people in FPL chat can attest . On that drive, Braylon Edwards caught the two point conversion and taunted. No flag, even though an earlier taunt had been flagged. Again, minor, but in a field position game -which it looked like at that point - the penalty yardage could have made a difference.

    Then, on thier sealing drive, poor Butler got flagged wrongly, twice, for PIs. The first ball was way underthrown. Braylon Edwards made a great play to see that, stop, and let Butler's arm him him. Flag came in - but the ball was uncatchable. Five yard illegal contact would have been a correct - if very ticky tack - call. 25 yard PI was wrong. Two plays later Sanchez throws deep and out of bounds. Again, uncatachable, again a flag for PI for 20 yards, instead of a 5 yard hold. A holding call there would have been correct.

    We also had 4 bonehead penalties in the first half that erased a huge Taylor run, a FG, and kept a Jets drive alive. All were totally correct calls. We kept them in the game in the first half with our mistakes.

    Coaching - 20 percent. BB made some mindnumbingly strange decisions. Mostly about personnel. Faulk was in the game way too much as a feature back. Taylor had great success against the Jets in the first quarter, but wasn't seen after. Sammy Morris barely got into the game. Green-Ellis and Faulk got most of the carries, but, IMO, that's the wrong matchup against the Jets.

    In the punt game it was worse - Kevin was back returning punts, and while he is a great back, with this team, that's not his role, it's Edelman's, or Tate's, though Tate is better for kickoffs.

    In the passing game, Tate needs to be on the field more. He's a burner, and only had one catch in the game.

    Brady - 70 percent. Brady lost this game on his own in the second half. With no Revis after halftime, the Pats should have smoked the Jets. But, what we saw was Brady going into Rookie Mode. He was locked in on Moss all half long and was overthrowing him. Both picks were on Moss overthrows, the second because Moss did his best to make a play on it. Brady set a career record for consecutive incomplete passes. And they were on him, he was missing by miles, overthrowing constantly - and almost all the throws went to Moss. The Jets were keying on Randy with 2 to 3 defenders every play.

    In the second half there were no targets of Welker, Gronkowski, or Edelmann.
    There was just 1 for Crumpler (overthrown) 1 for Hernandez, and one for Tate, both on the only drive where we moved the ball. In other words, when Brady went away from Moss we went back to being good - Jason Taylor ended that drive, but the offense was fine until that play.

    We lost because Brady lost focus. Overall, I'm feeling good about this years team - when Tom spreads the ball around there are too many weapons, with such a variety of skill sets, that I don't think we can be stopped. But when almost every pass goes to the same guy, it's not hard to stop. I'm confident that we beat the Jets in the rematch.

    That said, I don't know what's worse - the Jets crowing, or having to root for the Dolphins next week....
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